Saturday, January 22, 2011

Physical Education - Chinese Jump Ropes and Long Rope Rhymes

This week's agenda was:

1.  Warm-Up = Jump and Jog
2.  Jump Rope Activities = Long Ropes (learning rhymes) and Chinese Ropes
3.  Poison Ball (For a video of this game, click HERE)

Two of my classes this week were the lucky ones.....we had two special visitors from the high school!  These two Kenowa Hills seniors came to demonstrate some jump rope skills and also spend time jumping with the students.  We had a lot of fun!  Below are some videos of our special guests.

Wow - check this out!

Criss Cross and Doubles

2nd graders demonstrating the rhyme "Bubble Gum"

2nd graders demonstrating the rhyme "Teddy Bear"

Chinese Jump Rope Videos

5th graders doing the criss cross

Jumping the "Name Game": Spell your name while doing straddle jumps, then end it with In-On-Out.

Jumping the pattern "American's" (4 straddles, In-On-Out)

5th graders playing our "Elimination Game" (jumping in, jumping out without getting caught in the rope).

3rd grader practicing frog jumps with long rope.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Jump Rope Unit - Partner Tricks and Long Ropes

This week's agenda:

Warm-Up (new) - Jump and Jog
Jump Rope Activities - Partner Tricks and Long Ropes
Dr. Mario (modified Dodgeball Game)

Click for more jump rope videos.
Click for Jump Rope Teaching Ideas

Video of "Jump and Jog" warm-up.  I play the music for about 1 1/2 minutes, then students switch from jogging to jumping or jumping to jogging.

5th graders practicing partner tricks:

More partner tricks:

Long Rope Jumping:

2nd graders:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

P.E. Jump Rope Unit - Single Rope Tricks (with videos)

January - Jump Rope Activities

This month's focus is a variety of Jump Rope activities. Students will be learning about jumping with single ropes, long ropes, and Chinese jump ropes. The bulk of our 55 minute P.E. class will consist of jump rope activities, but I will also be saving about 15-20 minutes at the end of class for a variety of other fun games.

Our agenda this week was:

1. Warm-Up
2. Single Rope Activities: Basic Jumping (single bounce, double bounce, jogging step). Jump Rope Tricks: Side Swings, Hopping on one foot, Criss Cross, Backwards jumping, Backwards Criss Cross. Note: If you're looking for a good resource, Rene Bibaud's Fundamentals DVD is an awesome teaching tool!
3. Dr. Mario (this is a modified version of dodgeball).

If you would like details on my Jump Rope Unit (Using Single Ropes, Long Ropes and Chinese Ropes) please click the link: Jump Rope Unit. 
For posters to hang in your gym, click the link:  Jump Rope Posters

3rd Graders practicing Side Swings:

5th graders practicing one handed side swings:

After learning side swings they practiced making a pattern (example: 4 side swings, 4 jumps).

5th graders doing a side swing pattern:

Criss Cross and some Backwards Criss Cross:

5th grader doing a combination of tricks! Backwards criss cross on one foot with her eyes closed.

Hopping on one foot:

Playing Dr. Mario: This game is a modified version of dodgeball. Players must ROLL the ball (not throw it) and the "doctor's" (the players on the scooters) can help players who are "out" by touching them. We pretend the balls are "germs" and the players are wearing protective gloves, so they can only touch the ball with their hands. If it touches any other part of their body they are "infected/sick" and have to sit down and wait for the doctor to "give them medicine" (touch them).