Monday, December 12, 2011

P.E. Christmas Games

Today was the last time I'll see my students until after Christmas.  We played a  lot of Christmas Games, and 5th graders were also given about 10 minutes to practice and be tested on the P.E. Central Challenges.

Our 5th grade Agenda today was:
Warm-Up = Christmas Match Relay (A running activity)
Skills Practice = P.E. Central Challenges and Feed the Reindeer Relay (catching/throwing activity)
Game= Santa and Mrs. Claus Tag

Kindergarten Agenda:
Warm-Up = Yoga/Exercises
Skills Practice = Feed the Reindeer Relay (catching/throwing activity)
Game = Christmas Tag

Pictures of Feed the Reindeer Relay - Students worked in groups of three.  Each child had a turn to do each "job".  One child rode the sled (scooter) to collect reindeer food (balls).  They tossed the reindeer food to the person standing inside the hula hoop and that person had to catch the food and throw it into the reindeer's bucket.  The third child's job was to be the "catcher" and try to help get the food into the buckets.  We played Christmas music during the game and switched jobs every 3 minutes.
Tossing Reindeer food into the Reindeer's bucket. The catcher had the option to hold the bucket and try to catch it.
Tosser had to stay inside the hula hoop while throwing.

Kindergartener's playing Feed the Reindeer Relay.  This is a great activity to teach them about teamwork and cooperation!

Student on the "sled" collecting "reindeer food".


  1. Hi carly! Looks fun. The kids on scooter collect reindeer food and give to thrower? Or does the thrower have them and throws to bucket and the scooters pick up?

  2. You were correct with your first thought- the kids on the scooters collect the reindeer food and give it to the throwers (who are standing in a hula hoop). The throwers toss the food into the bucket and the "catcher" can grab it if it doesn't get in the bucket. So groups of three kids for this game. Hope you have fun with it!

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