Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jump Rope for Heart Movie

This year our school raised over $3,000 for the American Heart Association through our Jump Rope for Heart event!  Thank you so much for your generosity this year!

Below you will find links to my 2-part movie featuring 1st-5th grade students jumping rope with single ropes, long ropes and Chinese ropes.  I put together this movie for our Jump Rope for Heart event.  Unfortunately, they were not able to show this movie at our assembly because of technical difficulties.  However, I was able to show the movie to many of my students during P.E. class, and it will also be shown to the whole school at a future assembly.

I am so impressed with what my students accomplished with jump ropes this year!  I hope you are too! 

NOTE:  The movie currently does not have the best quality picture.....I am working on figuring out how to save it in a different format...sorry!

Jump Rope Movie - PART 1


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Grand Valley State University Camps

Summer Sports Camps

Attention parents:

Here are a couple of opportunities for your children to participate in sports camps at GVSU:

1) Summer Boys Basketball Camps (Shooting Camp, Ball Handling Camp, Exposure Camp and Day Camp). Contact = Phone 616.331.2159 OR Email

2) GVSU Lakers All Sports Camp (June 27-30th)
Contact: email Coach Baltes at
More info:
Register online at:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Last day of our Jump Rope Unit

This week was the last of our jump rope unit. I'm really impressed with what my students learned this month! Check out all the videos of the month featuring single ropes, long ropes, and Chinese Ropes!

This week's agenda was:

1) Warm-Up: Jump and Jog
2) Jump Rope (Choice Time on single, long, or Chinese Ropes)
3) Games: "Guard the Cookie Jar" and "Tails"

Note: If you would like details on my Jump Rope Unit (Using Single Ropes, Long Ropes and Chinese Ropes) please click the link: Jump Rope Unit. 
For posters to hang in your gym, click the link:  Jump Rope Posters
For a print out of long rope rhymes - click here.

Videos from this week:

5th graders-Jumper is twirling a single rope while jumping with the long rope too!

5th graders - jumping in and out in groups of three.

Partner Trick AND Long rope trick.