Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jump Rope Unit for Elementary P.E.

Happy New Year everyone!  When we go back to school next week I'll begin the Jump Rope Unit for K-5th graders.   I searched "jump rope" on my blog to pull out all of my previous posts about jump rope.  Here is the link:

Below is an overview of the jump rope unit.  Please note that jump rope tricks and partner jumping is taught 2nd grade and up.  However, if I have a K or 1st grade student who has mastered basic jumping then I teach them tricks. 

1)  Getting used to the ropes (K-1st) - making shapes and letters with ropes on the floor and jumping over a rope that is laying flat on the floor.  Learning how to jump with feet together. 
2) Learning "Ready" position (see my link above - I use Rene Bibaud's technique which I have found works great for elementary students).
3)  Basic Jumping - with both feet together - single and double bounce
4)  Individual Rope Tricks - such as side swings, double side swings, criss cross, hopping on one foot, jumping with eyes closed, etc.
5)  Partner Tricks - Switching handles, jumping together with one rope, etc
6) Long Rope Jumping - Younger students learn how to twirl and the jumper starts in the middle of ropes.  Older students will learn how to jump into a rope while it's being twirled.
7)  Chinese Jump Ropes - Teaching the "American's Pattern" and the "Name Game".

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pattern Warm-Up, Volleyball, and Overhand Throw

Check out what we did this week in Physical Education!

K-2nd Graders
Pattern Warm-Up
Overhand Throwing Practice
Game:  Star Wars Throwing Game

3rd-5th Graders
Circuits (same as Pattern Warm-Up)
Volleyball Serving Practice
Newcomb (modified V-ball Game)

Below are videos of our warm-up and star wars game.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Games for PE, Partner Relays, Scooter Relays

I had such a fun week with the students!  3rd-5th grade students learned a new warm-up called Circuits (aka. Pattern Warm-Up), and began our Volleyball Unit.  They are learning the underhand and overhand (5th) serves.  We will play Newcomb next week.

Kindergarten-2nd grade students learned a new warm-up which I call the "Pattern Warm-Up", learned how to do relays with a partner, and learned how to ride scooters safely.  Students ride scooters on their bottom, belly or knees.  I also taught them the "Superman" and "Spiderman" way which is on their belly.  Superman lifts feet up like you are flying and using arms to scoot.  Spiderman lays on belly and "climbs up the building" by using hands AND feet to scoot.  The videos below show all ways.  They also learned how to push each other safely on the scooters with fingers pointing down, and not letting go of their partners.  They all did an excellent job being safe on the scooters.

Below are videos of Christmas Partner Running Relays, Scooter Relays, Christmas Tree Tag

PE Catching Game and Snow Day Tag

Kindergarten students playing the game SIX AND SWITCH.  Practicing using READY HANDS.

Kindergarten students playing the game SIX AND SWITCH.  Practicing using READY HANDS.

Kindergarten students playing the game SIX AND SWITCH.  Practicing using READY HANDS.