Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Jump Rope Unit for Elementary P.E.

Happy New Year everyone!  When we go back to school next week I'll begin the Jump Rope Unit for K-5th graders.   I searched "jump rope" on my blog to pull out all of my previous posts about jump rope.  Here is the link:

Below is an overview of the jump rope unit.  Please note that jump rope tricks and partner jumping is taught 2nd grade and up.  However, if I have a K or 1st grade student who has mastered basic jumping then I teach them tricks. 

1)  Getting used to the ropes (K-1st) - making shapes and letters with ropes on the floor and jumping over a rope that is laying flat on the floor.  Learning how to jump with feet together. 
2) Learning "Ready" position (see my link above - I use Rene Bibaud's technique which I have found works great for elementary students).
3)  Basic Jumping - with both feet together - single and double bounce
4)  Individual Rope Tricks - such as side swings, double side swings, criss cross, hopping on one foot, jumping with eyes closed, etc.
5)  Partner Tricks - Switching handles, jumping together with one rope, etc
6) Long Rope Jumping - Younger students learn how to twirl and the jumper starts in the middle of ropes.  Older students will learn how to jump into a rope while it's being twirled.
7)  Chinese Jump Ropes - Teaching the "American's Pattern" and the "Name Game".

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