Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jump Rope Unit, Warm-Up Variety, Dr. Mario Game

The students have been busy this month learning a variety of jump rope skills, new exercises for our warm-ups, and also playing some fun fitness games (Dr. Mario).  Below are a few pictures and videos!

Attention PE Teachers = I recently purchased these PE Activity Task Cards and I love them!  I printed in color and laminated them so they will last for a very long time!  (Some of them are pictured below).

One of our Agenda's from last week.  I used THESE task cards for the jump rope stations.

Here is a sample of some TASK cards that I purchased and now use as part of our "warm-up variety".

Students using the TASK Cards during "warm-up variety".

These are some posters I made and use for our "warm-up variety".

Again, more TASK cards.
Kindergarten and 1st grade students practiced jumping over their ropes - they made straight lines and circles to jump over/into.  They did 10 jumps, then practiced twirling the ropes over their heads.

1st grade student practicing jumping into her jump rope circle - with both feet together.

1st graders jumping into their circles.

Nice landing!

Jumping over her rope.

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