Sunday, December 12, 2010

P.E. Class - 2nd week of December (Parachute and Christmas Games)

This week's agenda was:

1) Warm-Up Centers
2) Parachute Games
3) "Feed the Reindeer Relay" AND/OR Santa and Mrs. Claus Tag

Here are some videos from last week!

2nd graders doing "warm-up centers"

2nd graders doing warm-up centers

3rd graders doing warm-up centers

Practicing V-Steps on the aerobic steps!

Parachute Activities
Click HERE to view the parachute videos!

Reindeer Relay: In this game, students worked in groups of 3 to "feed the reindeer". One player rode on the scooter (the sled) and collected reindeer food (balls). The person in the hula hoop had to toss the food (the balls) into the reindeer's bucket. The player behind the bucket was the catcher. We took turns playing each position.

5th graders playing Reindeer Relay

3rd graders playing Reindeer Relay

2nd graders playing the Reindeer Relay

5th graders playing the Santa and Mrs. Claus Tag. Click HERE for directions on how to play this game.

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