Sunday, November 17, 2013

Christmas Games for Physical Education

Please click on the link to my blog post with a variety of Christmas Games for P.E.


There are directions and video clips of these Christmas Games:
Candy Cane Tag
Christmas Tree Tag
Reindeer Tag
Santa and Mrs. Claus Tag
Feed the Reindeer Relay

For Thanksgiving Games, please click on this blog post:


Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Games for Physical Education Class

Here are some fun games to play around Thanksgiving.  Click on each for a link with directions and some video clips of how to play.

Thanksgiving Tag
Tribes Tag
Thanksgiving Dinner Relay (aka Thanksgiving Match Game)

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Trick or Treat Relay - Halloween Game for P.E. class!

This week I did the "Trick or Treat Relay" with my classes as an activity at the end of class.  They all loved it!  This is a great game for all elementary age groups.  With K-2nd grade I always begin by first making sure they all understand what a relay means (taking turns doing something....being on a team, etc).  I also give points on my Squad Chart (see Rainbow Squad Chart) to teams who are following directions, listening, etc.  When a squad gets 10 points, I give them a small prize like a sticker or eraser.  We use squads for many other things in PE.....more on that later.

Click here for a printable direction page for the Trick or Treat Relay!  Please remember to make teams small, no more than four students so they are not waiting in line very long.  We want our students moving and exercising as much as possible during P.E. class!

Click here for a link to my blog post from last year's Trick or Treat Relay - with pictures!

Fitness Test Certificates for P.E.

Do you do fitness testing with your P.E. classes?  If so, check out my "store" on  I have many certificates for the mile run, sit-ups, push-ups, sit and reach, and the shuttle run.  I also have improvement awards and certificates for other skills.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween games for P.E. class!

Please follow these links for fun Halloween Games!

Trick or Treat Tag
Hide and Seek Trick or Treat Tag 
Candy Corn and Pumpkin Tag

Squad or Team Chart for PE class

Fellow PE teachers - here is a document I created to keep track of squad spots and/or teams.  I used the colors of the rainbow to organize groups of 5.  Just fill in student's names in the boxes!  Here is the link - Rainbow Squad Chart.

Hope everyone's year is off to a great start!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

PE Certificates/Awards for fitness testing and skills tests!

I recently created a "store" on!   If you are looking for printable certificates for PE class, please check out my store at

I offer a FREE printable certificate for the MILE RUN.  It prints four per page.  I print them on bright colored paper and the kids love them!  I have certificates for fitness testing for each event ($1 each), or the better deal is to buy the "SET" of fitness certificates for $5.  I also have SKILLS certificates and GOOD BEHAVIOR certificates.  :-)

P.E. Catching Lesson for Homeschoolers (Catching Web Quest)

I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice family yesterday who are homeschooling their three elementary aged children. I was telling the mother about my blog and web site ( as it could be used as a resource for her.

This summer I took a technology class for my master's degree, and created a Web Quest as my final project. My web quest is a great tool for homeschoolers, or to be used as PE homework for school children. Please click on this link to participate in my free catching web quest!  The left side of the page has a list of tabs to click on (introduction, task, process, evaluation, conclusion and teacher page).  Older students can navigate for themselves, or parents can help read the directions.

By participating in this catching web quest, children meet many content standards for physical education and also technology!   Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elementary PE Lesson - Batting/Tball, Sink the Ship "Battleship", Couch Potato Tag, and Puppy Tag

Last week the students said goodbye to Mr. Gietzen, our student teacher.  He did a great job and we wish him the best!  Thank you Mr. Gietzen!

The last few weeks of PE have consisted of the following activities:
1)  T-ball / Batting practice (see pics below).  This worked great for all of my classes - we set up "batting cages" for students and the kids got lots of individual practice.
2)  "Battleship"/Sink the Ship (Throwing/Catching/Rolling game) - TK and K played this game.
3)   Dr. Mario -2nd grade
4)  Review of first semester skills
5)  I hope to play "Capture the Flag", or Parachute Games with 2nd graders on Monday, and also pass out PE Certificates.
Puppy Tag - 2nd Grade - with MUSIC "Who Let the Dogs Out".
Students are "puppies" and start the game in their "cage" (the floor mats).  The "dog catchers" are the taggers.   They have a noodle piece used for tagging.  If a puppy is tagged, they go back to their cage.

Mr. Gietzen's (student teacher) last day teaching.....the staff at ECC had a luncheon and he brought his super sweet girlfriend.  Thanks for all of your help this semester! We will miss you!

TK class played "Sink the Ship/Battleship".

Student in her "batting cage" practicing hitting a ball off a tee with a lollipop paddle.
Batting cage set up for 2nd graders - We had 3 students per group.  One hitter (gave 3 swings), one catcher, one outfielder.  They rotated very nicely and each player had several turns playing all 3 positions.
Picture of 2nd grade student batting.
Another view of the batting cage set-up for 2nd graders.

Lollipop paddles and medium/tall cones work great for teaching batting to young children!  Each child had their own "batting cage".  We stood up tall mats to accomplish this, which worked great to give each child their own space and protection.

Videos of COUCH POTATO TAG with Mr. Gietzen (student teacher). Tagged players had to go be a "couch potato" and sit on a mat and wait for the helper to bring them a foam fruit or veggie. Between rounds of this game we took a minute to talk about good nutrition and identified what is a fruit or vegetable.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Printable P.E. Certificates - Fitness Testing Certficates/PE Awards

Attention fellow P.E. teachers-----Do your students participate in fitness testing?  If so, I have many printable mini-certificates (prints 4 per page) for you to use!  The kids LOVE these certificates and are really motivated to earn them.  Print them on bright colored paper and they look awesome! 

The mile run certificate is a FREE download.  My other certificates are priced at $1.00 each, or you can download ALL fitness test certificates for $5 (14 certificates).  I also have SKILL awards/certificates available.  Please visit my "store" to view samples and download certificates:

Here is a list of certificates that are available:
 Mile Run Mini-Certificate - FREE
Mile Run - Full size certificate - $1.00
1/2 Mile Mini-Certificate  - $1.00
1/4 Mile Mini- Certificate - $1.00
Sit-Up King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Push-Up King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Sit and Reach King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Shuttle Run King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Flex Arm Hang Healthy Mini-Certificate (boys and girls) - $1.00 each
Improvement Award Mini-Certificate (purchase scratch and sniff stickers to go with this one) - $1.00 

Or purchase the Fitness Test Set for $5.00.

Skills Award Set - 12 pages of awards for $3.00.

Sparkle Note (4 per page) - $2.00 - This is my favorite and most used certificate!   It has lines for you to write in whatever you want to say for your student.  It's a generic "your child is doing great in PE class....I'm especially impressed with _______".  (ex.  "Timmy is doing great with our basketball unit - his shooting form is superb!" 

Thanks everyone!

Monday, May 20, 2013

P.E. Relay Races to learn colors - Rainbow Relay

Today I was thinking about doing the "Color Sorting Relay" with my lower elementary special education students, but then I came up with a fun new game called the "Rainbow Relay"! 

See videos below.  Mr. Gietzen, our awesome student teacher, is leading these activities.

Rainbow Relay - Students run to endline and choose a color card out of a bucket.  They run back and place their card on the rainbow. 

Color Sorting Relay -  Students run to endline and choose a color card out of a bucket.  They run back and sort the card into the correct bucket.

Video of my 3 year old class doing the "Color Sorting Relay".

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

P.E. Games - Healthy Eating / Fruit and Vegetable Tag

This past month has flown by!  Here is what the students have been working on:

Early Childhood Center:
Basketball Skills - dribbling
Soccer Skills - dribbling/trapping/kicking
Nutrition - Fruits and Vegetables
Review of Throwing Skills - "Star Wars" game

Zinser - 2nd Grade:
Basketball Skills - dribbling
Soccer Skills - dribbling/trapping/kicking
Spring Fitness Testing
Review of Throwing skills - "Battleship" game

Check out a few videos below: (Sorry Zinser folks.....I'll try to get some videos of 2nd grade next week!)

Mr. Gietzen's DRIBBLING FRENZY game - practicing dribbling soccer balls and basketballs. Students have a partner to switch balls with occasionally.

Fruit and Veggie Tag - Students who were tagged had to sit down and wait for someone to bring them a fruit or vegetable. Then they had to CLASSIFY and SORT their food into the bucket labeled "FRUIT" OR "VEGGIE"



FOR TEACHERS - Here is a video explanation of my "Mini-Obstacle Course Warm-Up".

Friday, April 26, 2013

P.E. Web page - Warm-Up Ideas for Elementary P.E.

For all my fellow P.E. teachers out there--------check out my P.E. web page - I have been uploading my activities into categories so it's easier to find things.    Warm-Ups, Fitness Activities, Lesson Plans, Relays, Holiday Games, etc.  Enjoy!

Monday, March 25, 2013

P.E. Easter Games - Easter Egg Hunts, Jellybean Tag, Easter Tag

This week my classes did an Easter Egg Hunt!  The kids had SO much fun and got a lot of exercise! 2nd grade students also had time for some dribbling practice with Mr. Gietzen, and also did a "dribbling maze".  Pictures and videos below.....

Kindergarten doing some warm-up exercises before the Easter  Egg Hunt.
Kindergarteners taking turns to find Easter eggs.

Kindergarten Easter Egg Hunt

2nd Grade Hunt

Early Childhood Special Education Class - They hunted and then sorted eggs by color.

For more Easter Games please click here!  This includes Easter Egg Hunts, Easter Tag, Jellybean Tag, and "Jellybean Wars" throwing game.  Enjoy!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elementary P.E.- Tripods and Headstands

Activities the students have been working on since our last update:
1) Leaping Leprechauns Warm-Up Game
2) Tumbling (Somersaults, Log and Pencil Rolls, and tripods, headstands and cartwheels for 2nd grade)
3) All students are participating in basketball activities for the month of March.

See pictures and videos below!
Second grade students finished up their tumbling unit with tripods and headstands.  We taught the tripod first and required students to balance for 10 seconds before trying to lift their legs up for a headstand.  Key points to remember when practicing a tripod - 1)  make a triangle with your head and hands, 2) Spread your feet apart on the mat (to line up your knees with your elbows), 3)  Slowly walk your feet in towards your elbows and lift knees up to balance on elbows.
2nd grade student doing a tripod.

Student balancing in a tripod position before raising legs up for a headstand.


Video of our student teacher, Mr. Gietzen, teaching a round-off. We typically do not teach this skill, but decided to this year because of student interest. Students had the option to try this, or participate in other tumbling activities.

Video of Kindergarten doing the "Leaping Leprechaun" Warm-Up:

Video of 2nd grade doing "Leaping Leprechauns"

Monday, March 11, 2013

PE Game - Hide and Seek Valentine Hearts

Here is a fun, easy Valentine game I created to play with my elementary classes.  This is a great game for special education students as well.  For a printable of this game, please click "Hide and Seek Valentine Hearts".

A St. Patrick's Day version of this game is called "Hide and Seek Shamrocks".  This game is also found on my blog here.   You may also visit my web page for many more games!

Video of this game:

Another dollar store purchase!
Hide and Seek Valentine Heart Relay

Equipment Needed:
5 buckets or boxes (one for each team)
75 + Valentine Hearts (I use plastic hearts from the dollar store, but you could use paper hearts that are laminated)
20 + cones or domes  (I like these domes the best)

Take 30 seconds to talk about Valentine’s Day.....why we celebrate, what we do on Valentine’s Day, etc.  Then tell the students they are going to pretend to be CUPID, and they have to FIND the Valentines Hearts that are hiding in the gym!

Description of Activity:
This is a continuous relay race that keeps going until all of the hearts have been collected.  I use the width of the gym and make groups of 3-4 students.  Give each group a bucket to leave by the side wall to collect their hearts.  Students take turns running to find a heart.  When they lift up a dome to peek, they should put it back down to hide any remaining hearts.

Using the width of the gym, set a bucket near the wall for each group.  On the other side wall, scatter the cones/domes and hide hearts under them.  Hide about 5 under each dome.  

Students must wait their turn to run (groups of 3 are best so kids are not standing in line too long).  When it’s their turn, the student runs to the other side of the gym, peeks under a dome and takes ONE heart, then run back to their team’s bucket to drop it in.  Then the student gets back in line for another turn to run.   If a dome is EMPTY, the student may flip it over so other students don’t continue to look under that dome.  
Peek under a dome to find heart!

When all of the hearts are collected, groups may count their hearts, or sort them by color, size, etc if you are using a variety of different hearts.  (see my pictures on my blog).  They may also count how many total hearts their team collected.  Have students hide hearts for the next class (tell them how many to put under each dome so you don’t have many empty and others with too many).  

You could also substitute skipping, galloping, crab walk, riding scooters, etc. instead of running. 

These are the domes with 4-5 hearts hidden under each one.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Leaping Leprechauns - Fun P.E. Warm-Up Game for St. Patrick's Day

For a printable version, please click on "Leaping Leprechauns".  Pics and Videos of this game are below.

Leaping Leprechauns
By:  Carly Glanzman

Equipment Needed:
4 cones, preferably numbered 1-4
4 Buckets or boxes
30 paper shamrocks or gold coins.  May also use beanbags, small balls, etc.
Items to leap over such as hurdles, jump ropes, poly spots, etc.

Following Directions

Description of Activity:
Tell students they are pretending to be leprechauns who have to LEAP through the forest to find treasures (shamrocks, gold, etc.)

Four mini-obstacle courses are set up for students to go through.  After completing a course, the student collects a treasure (shamrock or other item) from the bucket at the end of the course, then they will run to the opposite end of the gym, drop treasure in the empty bucket, and choose another obstacle course to go through.  Continue playing until all of the treasures are collected.   

On one end of the gym, place 4 cones on the endline.  The cones mark the beginning of each obstacle course.  Divide students equally behind each cone to begin.  After they complete the course in their line, they may get in any other line and continue playing.  

For each line, set up hurdles or other obstacles for students to leap over, going all the way to the opposite end of the gym.  

Place 2 buckets filled with shamrocks (or other treasures) in the two corners at the end of the gym at the end of the obstacles.  Place two empty buckets at the corners of the gym where the start of the obstacles are.  After completing a course, students run to the corner, take a shamrock, and run down the SIDELINE of the gym (so they do not interfere with students who are doing the obstacle courses).  They put their shamrock in the empty bucket.  Then the student chooses another line to join.  (make each obstacle course slightly different for a variety).  

The empty buckets could be placed by the wall in the corner with a rainbow taped on the wall (like it’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow).  

Remind students to collect their shamrock after completing a course, and run down the SIDELINE begin a new obstacle.  

For motivation to complete courses, tell students they can keep track in their heads how many shamrocks they get.  

For more P.E. Games visit my web page at!

Videos of my student teacher, Mr.Gietzen, teaching this game to Kindergarten:

Video of 2nd graders:

Pictures of Set-Up Ideas:
"Stepping Stones" to balance on.

To begin, students line up behind a cone.

Cones for running though (zig zag), poly spots for hop scotch,and bowling pins for leaping over.

Hurdles, agility ladder, bowling pin to leap over.

Tunnel to crawl through, hurdle and foam pins to leap over.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Tag - "Lucky Charm Tag"

St. Patrick's Day Tag - "Lucky Charm Tag"

For a printable for this game click "Lucky Charm Tag".

Equipment Needed:
2-3 Tagging Sticks (We use small pieces of pool noodles or yarn balls)
1 Bucket (preferably green)
15-20 “lucky charms” such as paper shamrocks, gold coins, beanbags, small balls, etc.
1 picture of a rainbow to tape to the wall

Description of Activity:
This is a continuous tag game with no safe.  Students start scattered anywhere in the gym. Taggers start on the endline.  When the music begins, everyone begins moving around the area.  

Taggers are called Leprechauns.  They hold the tagging noodles to tag players.  The Lucky Charmer is the person who carries the bucket with lucky charms in it.  

If a player is tagged, they sit down and wait for the Lucky Charmer to bring them a Lucky Charm.  Tagged players put their lucky charm in the pot at the end of the rainbow, then return to playing tag.  

Play 2-3 minute games, then stop to choose new taggers and a new person to be the “lucky charmer”.  

For more P.E. Games visit my web page at!

Monday, March 4, 2013

P.E. Game for St. Patrick's Day - Shamrock Relay

St. Patrick's Day P.E. Game - Hide and Seek Shamrock Relay

For a printable page for this game, please click the link "Hide and Seek Shamrock Relay".

I found these cute shamrocks from the Dollar Store!

Equipment Needed:
5 buckets or boxes (one for each team)
75 + shamrock cut-outs (or other small green object like puff balls, bean bags, etc)
20 + cones or domes  ( I like these domes the best)

Take a minute to talk about St. Patrick’s Day.....tell the students some leprechauns came in the gym and hid a bunch of shamrocks/lucky four leaf clovers for them!  

Description of Activity:
This is a continuous relay race that keeps going until all of the shamrocks have been collected.  I use the width of the gym and make groups of 3-4 students.  Give each group a bucket to leave by the side wall to collect their shamrocks.  Students take turns running to find a shamrock.  When they lift up a dome to peek, they should put it back down to hide any remaining shamrocks.

Using the width of the gym, set a bucket near the wall for each group.  On the other side wall, scatter the cones/domes and hide shamrocks under them.  Hide about 5 under each dome.  

Students must wait their turn to run (groups of 3 are best so kids are not standing in line too long).  When it’s their turn, the student runs to the other side of the gym, peeks under a dome and takes ONE shamrock, then run back to their team’s bucket to drop it in.  Then the student gets back in line for another turn to run.   If a dome is EMPTY, the student may flip it over so other students don’t continue to look under that dome.  

When all of the shamrocks are collected, groups may count their shamrocks or sort them by color, size, etc if you are using a variety of different shamrocks.  (see my pictures of the glittery and striped shamrocks).  They may also count how many total shamrocks their team collected.  Have students hide shamrocks for the next class (tell them how many to put under each dome so you don’t have many empty and others with too many).  

You could also substitute skipping, galloping, crab walk, riding scooters, etc. instead of running.  

For more P.E. Games, visit my web page at!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

P.E. Web Page

Hi Everyone,

I created a web page to organize all of my P.E. activity ideas and lesson plans.  I still have lots more to add, but it's a start...  Figured I might as well share it with the world!  :-)

P.E. Tumbling, Body Bowling, Scooter Game

Check out what the students did this week in P.E. class!  For a description of the activity, please click on any of the highlighted items.  Pics and videos are also below!

Kindergarten:  We had a day of fun fitness games including 1) Popcorn Warm-Up, 2)  Puppies Tag, 3) Hungry Hippos Scooter Game.  

2nd Graders:  1)  Popcorn Warm-Up Game,  2)  Puppies Tag with additional exercises, 3)  Tumbling Activities / Body Bowling and 4) "Aviators" Game

ECSE Students:  1)  Move and Stretch Warm-Up, 2) Tumbling / Obstacle Course, 3)  Scooter Snowflakes Game

Body Bowling - Log Roll
Body Bowling - Somersault
POPCORN Warm-Up Game

This video is "Roll-Run-Jump" Tumbling Activity. A quick and easy way for students to practice their log and pencil rolls.
Video of 2nd graders practicing Somersaults. Our cue words were "Frog, Tuck, Roll" (Frog position is squatting down with hands and feet close together, looking between your legs). Remind students to flip over and roll on their backs, not their heads.

Video of Puppy Tag - "Dog Catchers" try to tag puppies. If a puppy is tagged, they have to go back to their cage (floor mat)

Saturday, February 16, 2013

P.E. Centers, Scooter Games, Somersaults

Zinser 2nd Graders:
Last week 2nd graders played:

 Speedway, Popcorn, Jump Rope, and a new game called Aviator.

Video of Speedway Warm-up Game:

Early Childhood Center:
Some of my classes have been playing "Scooter Ships".  Here is a video clip of this.

  Kindergarten doing a variety of centers!
Close up of Obstacle Course 

1st Day Teaching Somersaults to Pre-K Students

Picture of "Scooter Snowflakes"Game

Friday, February 8, 2013

P.E. Pictures - Tumbling, Scooter Ships

 Scooter ships!  This was FUN and the kids did great!
Kindergarten students doing Pencil and Log Rolls
 Obstacle course - Jumping with 2 feet in tires, balance beam and bear walking back to end of the line.   

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

PE Jump Rope Videos, Balloon Activities and Ice Skating

AB Pattern with Balloons "RIGHT HAND - LEFT HAND.etc."  
AB Pattern with Balloons "FINGER-ELBOW. FINGER-ELBOW" 

Ice skating with "WINTER HATS"
2nd Grade Jump Rope Day 1

Learning the Criss Cross!
"Snake in the Grass" and "Ocean Waves"

Friday, January 25, 2013

P.E. Balloon Activities for Elementary Students

This week my Kindergarten and Preschool aged students had fun playing with balloons!  My 2nd graders did not have school this week, but they will be participating in these balloon activities soon.  They are finishing their unit on jump ropes...

To view the details of my Balloon Lesson, please click on this link.  The first several pages of this document are posters I used in my lesson, and the last page has the list of activities.  My plan is to break the activities (there are about 9) over THREE class periods.  We spent about 8 minutes doing balloon activities and the rest of class was the warm-up and fitness games. 

These posters show the order of things I taught the kids.  Today we did the red and orange poster.  Next week we'll talk more about the other posters.  The red and orange poster just have body parts listed.  This is how we practiced hitting the balloons (with our feet, hands, fingers, elbow, knee, head, shoulder, thumb).  The pattern posters give examples of how we can use patterns while we play with balloons.  Ex.  Hit the balloon with hand, then foot (AB pattern) OR an ABC patterns of "hand, knee, foot". 
This is a video of the pre-K class doing an "AB" pattern while hitting the balloon.  Hand-Foot, Hand-Foot, etc.
The ECSE classes played "Stop-Go-Slow" using scooters.  Great way to work those leg muscles!  Pictured is Mr. Gietzen, our new student teacher. 

Doing the bear walk during our "Four Corners" warm-up.


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Elementary P.E. Chinese Jump Ropes

Special Note:  This semester I will have a student teacher working with me from Aquinas College.  His name is Mr. Joe Gietzen and he is very excited to be with us! 

Update:  For the month of December, 2nd graders worked a lot on catching and throwing.  We also had fun playing some holiday games such as "Feed the Reindeer",  Christmas Tree Tag and Candy Cane Tag.  

In January we will be focusing on Jump Rope Skills.  Students will practice with Chinese Jump Ropes, Long Ropes, Single Ropes, and Jumping Sticks.   This week the kids also played a running game called "Freezer".  A good one for the cold month of January!   Click HERE for more videos of jump rope activities from previous years. 

Chinese Jump Rope Pattern "Americans" 1-2-3-4-(straddle jumps) In-Out-In-On This student is learning the American's pattern. She has two misses,then nails it on her third turn! Good job!
This student was successful (no misses) at ankle height, so the rope holders move it up to calf height. The highest I allow for second graders is knee height.

Picture of 2nd graders doing Chinese Jump Ropes

P.E. Kindergarten Jump Rope Lesson

Special Note:  Mr. Joe Gietzen began working with us today!  He is my student teacher for this semester and will be working with me until May!  He is from Aquinas College. 

Kindergarten Jump Rope Lesson:
Day 1 and 2

Jumping Rope is a tough skill to learn for most Kindergarten children.  Before teaching my students how to jump with the rope, I always begin with a variety of other activities to show them there are many things to do with jump ropes besides just jumping over it!

1)  Students laid their ropes in a straight line and walked on it like it was a balance beam.  Then we made curvy lines and walked forwards and backwards on it.  We also practiced jumping over the rope with two feet while it was on the floor.

2)  Students used their ropes to make shapes on the floor.  They made circles, squares, triangles, ovals, hearts, etc.  After they made each shape I told them to jump in and out of their shape. 

3)  Students worked individually and with groups to make letters on the floor.

Scroll down to see #4 below the pictures.....

4)  On Day 2 of our jump rope unit, we learned the cue words for the horizontal jump.  I use the posters from the EPEC curriculum which are "READY, CROUCH, JUMP, LAND".  We practiced jumping with feet together using that good form.

5)  The next activity with the ropes was to hold the handles so that the rope is in FRONT of your feet.  I had the students use that good jumping form to crouch (bend knees) and jump over their ropes with out having to twirl it over their head yet.

6)  Lastly, I taught the kids how to twirl the rope over their heads.  First we practice the arm motion WITHOUT using a rope yet.  My cue words are "ready, down and over your head".  Ready mean arms are stretched out in front of your body (holding pretend rope), Down means you push your hands down towards the floor, Over your head means to twirl the rope over your head.   I was VERY impressed with how well the kids did! 

7)  For the last 5 minutes of class we played a jumping game (without ropes) called "Sleeping Giants".  It was so much fun and a great way for kids to practice their jumping skills.  See movie below.....

Here is a video of a new warm-up game we played today called "Speedway".

Note to PE teachers - I highly recommend "Rene Bibaud's jump rope DVDs".  Especially for teaching upper elementary jump rope skills.