Wednesday, March 6, 2013

St. Patrick's Day Tag - "Lucky Charm Tag"

St. Patrick's Day Tag - "Lucky Charm Tag"

For a printable for this game click "Lucky Charm Tag".

Equipment Needed:
2-3 Tagging Sticks (We use small pieces of pool noodles or yarn balls)
1 Bucket (preferably green)
15-20 “lucky charms” such as paper shamrocks, gold coins, beanbags, small balls, etc.
1 picture of a rainbow to tape to the wall

Description of Activity:
This is a continuous tag game with no safe.  Students start scattered anywhere in the gym. Taggers start on the endline.  When the music begins, everyone begins moving around the area.  

Taggers are called Leprechauns.  They hold the tagging noodles to tag players.  The Lucky Charmer is the person who carries the bucket with lucky charms in it.  

If a player is tagged, they sit down and wait for the Lucky Charmer to bring them a Lucky Charm.  Tagged players put their lucky charm in the pot at the end of the rainbow, then return to playing tag.  

Play 2-3 minute games, then stop to choose new taggers and a new person to be the “lucky charmer”.  

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