Monday, October 4, 2010

Santa and Mrs. Claus (Christmas Tag Game)

Santa and Mrs. Claus

Equipment Needed:
2-3 soft objects for taggers to tag with (pieces of pool noodles, yarn balls or rubber rings)
1 red scooter
1 green scooter
25 or more bean bags
2 Christmas stockings OR containers (to hold bean bags)
1 box with a picture of a Christmas tree on it

Children LOVE Christmas time!  This game is fun for several reasons.  We use props such as Christmas stockings,  students take turns being Santa or Mrs. Claus, and the players get presents!  This is sure to be a big hit with your elementary students!  

Explanation of Game:

This is tag with NO SAFE.  Players continue to move throughout the playing area for 2-3 minutes, until teacher gives them a signal to stop.  Rotate taggers and Santa/Mrs. Claus each round.

To begin the game, select 2-3 taggers to begin on the end line.  Taggers carry the noodle with them and use it for tagging players.   Players begin in personal space.  Choose one boy and one girl to be Santa/Mrs. Claus.  They ride on the red and green scooters.   Santa and Mrs. Clause ride on the scooters and carry the stocking full of presents (bean bags) in their lap.  To begin the game, everyone yells “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.

If a player is tagged, they sit down and wait for Santa or Mrs. Claus to bring them a present (a bean bag).  When they get their present, the player runs to put the present under the tree (a box with a picture of a Christmas tree on it).  The player may then continue playing. 

Remind students to run all the way to the tree and place the present under the tree - do NOT throw the present under the tree!