Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christmas Tree Tag

Christmas Tree Tag

Before teaching children this game, ask them to raise their hands if their family puts up a Christmas tree in December.  Explain how this is a  tradition for some families.  If you want to take it a step further, you could discuss the history of Christmas trees (who invented the idea, etc.) 

Ask children what shape a Christmas tree is (triangular).  Can they stand up and make that shape with their bodies?  (Stand with feet apart, arms above head with hands together).  In this game, they will pretend to be Christmas trees and presents will go under their trees! 

Equipment Needed:

2 Red  and 2 green yarn balls
Christmas music (optional)

Explanation of Game:
This is tag with NO SAFE.  Players continue to move throughout the playing area for 2-3 minutes, until teacher gives them a signal to stop.  Rotate taggers every round.

To begin the game, select 4 taggers to begin on the end line.  Taggers carry the yarn balls with them and use them for tagging players.   Players begin in personal space.  When everyone yells “TREE TAG” the game begins.

If a player is tagged, they turn into a Christmas Tree (standing with feet apart and arms up with hands together above head).   For a player to be untagged, another player has to pretend to be a present and go under the tree (crawl between their legs).   

Video of 3rd graders playing Candy Cane Tag combined with Christmas Tree Tag. The taggers with a red noodle turn players into candy canes. Taggers with a green ball turn players into trees.

2nd graders playing Christmas Tree Tag:

Thursday 5th graders:

Note:  When children are pretending to be “presents going under the tree” they could have the option to tell the “trees” what they are. (Ex. I’m a Barbie doll, a toy truck, a teddy bear, a remote control car, hot wheels, etc. )


  1. This is a super cute tag game!

    1. Thank you! I'll be playing it tomorrow.....along with Candy Cane Tag. :-) Merry Christmas!

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