Saturday, October 2, 2010

Thanksgiving Tag

Thanksgiving Tag

I believe it is important to take time to think about all the blessings we have in our lives.....especially around Thanksgiving! Before playing this game, discuss with students what it means to be thankful.  Ask them if they have Thanksgiving Day family traditions they'd like to share with the group, or ask them to name something they are thankful for.  Tell them in this game they will be thinking of LOTS of things they are thankful for, and also sharing their thoughts with friends. 

Equipment Needed:
3 soft objects used for tagging players (ex. small pieces of pool noodles, yarn balls, or rubber rings)

Explanation of Game:

This is tag with NO SAFE.  Players continue to move throughout the playing area for 2-3 minutes, until teacher gives them a signal to stop.  Rotate taggers every round.

To begin the game, select 3 taggers to begin on the end line.  Taggers carry the noodle with them and use it for tagging players.   Players begin in personal space or on opposite end line.  When everyone yells “HAPPY THANKSGIVING” the game begins.

If a player is tagged, they sit down with their legs crossed and think of something they are thankful for.  Another player may help a tagged player by sitting across from them and sharing what they are thankful for.  Once they both have shared, they say “Happy Thanksgiving” and stand up to continue playing.

Example:  Rachel is tagged and sits down.  Cecilia helps Rachel by sitting aross from her and saying, “I am thankful for my friends”.  Rachel says, “I am thankful for food”.  Both say “Happy Thanksgiving”, stand up, and continue playing.

You can change the game by allowing tagged players to scoot on the floor to help other tagged players (rather than waiting for a non-tagged player to sit down with them).

For pre-school or kindergarteners, begin the first 2 or 3 games a little bit different - instead of sharing what they are thankful for, just have them sit and say “Happy Thanksgiving” to other players.  Then, stop and talk to the class about what it means to be thankful.  When they can give examples then change the game to be played as listed above.


  1. Carly, this is a wonderful, friendly game of tag. Thank you for posting!

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