Friday, October 1, 2010

Hide and Seek - Trick or Treat Tag

Hide and Seek
Trick or Treat
This game is the SAME as Trick or Treat Tag but with the option for players to HIDE and SEEK!  In my years of teaching P.E. I noticed that sometimes kids would try to hide while we play tag.  They would curl up in a corner or behind a box of equipment I had laying out.  Then others would tattle on them for trying to hide.  Therefore, I decided to PROVIDE hiding spots for them and it turned out to be a big hit! 

Please read the Trick or Treat Tag post for rules of the game. 

Additional Equipment Needed: 
2-4 gym mats

Explanation of Game:
Set the gym mats standing UP throughout the playing area.  Bend them so they can stand sturdy without falling over.  Players may hide behind a mat for a maximum of 10 seconds.  Players may STILL BE TAGGED while hiding!  Taggers may also hide behind a mat to fool players.

I tell students to be careful not to run into mats or touch them while hiding.  If a mat falls over, I take it down and they will not play with it anymore.  This rule eliminates the temptation for players to be goofy and crash into the mats.

This video shows students playing hide and seek tag with the mats.

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