Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bean Bag Tag

Bean Bag Tag

This is a great way to teach colors to young children.  Before playing the first game the teacher could hold up each bean bag and have students say what color it is.  If you are using Geo-Shapes, the teacher can hold up a bean bag and the students say what shape it is (circle, square, triangle, rectangle).

Further, you could make a rule that if you are tagged and someone comes to trade with you, the players have to say to each other what color, shape or animal they are trading for.

Equipment Needed:
3 soft objects used for tagging players (ex. small pieces of pool noodles, yarn balls, or rubber rings)
1 bean bag per player (variety of colors)
1 Geo-Bean Bag per player(variety of shapes)
1 Bean Bag Amimal per player (variety of animals)

Explanation of Game:
This is tag with NO SAFE.  Players continue to move throughout the playing area for 2-3 minutes, until teacher gives them a signal to stop. 

To begin the game, select 3 taggers to begin on the end line.  Taggers carry the noodle with them and use it for tagging players.   Players begin in personal space.  Give every player a bean bag.  They must hold  the bean bag in their hands the entire time.  If the bean bag is dropped, they must pick it up in order to continue playing.  When everyone yells “BEAN BAG TAG” the game begins.

If a player is tagged, they sit down with their legs crossed and wait for another player to help them.  Another player may help a tagged player by trading bean bags with them.   The bean bag that is traded must be a different color, shape, or animal, depending on what kind of bean bags you use.   For example, if Johnny has a blue bean bag he may trade with someone who has a red bean bag.  But a player with a blue bean bag may not help Johnny. 


  1. My kids will surely love this one, I never imagine bean bags can also be a great way of learning for kids, in a form of a toy.

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  2. Thanks for the comment. Glad to hear you're going to try this game. Have fun!