Thursday, October 7, 2010

No Shoes "Worksheet"

After six years of teaching P.E. class, I have finally come up with a fabulous idea for what to do with students who don't have their gym shoes!  I know, why did it take me so long?  I created a "No Shoes Worksheet".  If a student comes to P.E. without proper shoes I give them a worksheet, a pencil, a pedometer and a stopwatch.  They go in the corner of the gym and complete the work sheet.  It involves marching/jogging in place and a variety of exercises.  No sitting around in my gym....and NO EXCUSES not to participate! 

Note: I use this worksheet with 2nd-5th graders. For younger students, I have them wear the pedometer and march/jog in place. Every few minutes when I have time, I check on them and record the number of steps for them. After about 10 minutes I will ask them if they need a break, or tell them to do some stretches.

No Shoes Worksheet

1.       Put on the pedometer.  March/jog in place.  Write down the number of steps you have after these times:
1 minute = __________
3 minutes = _________
5 minutes = _________
2.       Do these exercises:
·        Arm Scissors = 30 seconds
·        Arm Circles = 30 seconds
·        Butterfly Stretch = 30 seconds
·        Sit and Reach = 30 seconds
·        Jumping Jacks = 30
·        Windmills = 10
·        Push-Ups = 10
3.       How many steps are on your pedometer now? _________
4.       Use the stopwatch or clock as a timer.  March or jog in place.  Record your steps after these times:
1 minute = ________
3 minutes = _______
5 minutes = _______
5.       Do these exercises:
·        Knee Raises = 30
·        Crab Kicks = 30
·        Scissor Kicks = 20 each leg
·        ABC Push-Ups
·        Jumping Jacks = 30
·        Mountain Climbers = 10
·        Sit-Ups = 30
6.       How many steps are on the pedometer? ________
7.       Continue to march/jog in place until class is over. Record your total steps in the box below. 
8.       Next week please bring your gym shoes so you can participate with the class! 

Video of 5th graders doing the No Shoes Worksheet:


  1. I posted earlier about this, but don't think it went thru! Thank you for this idea! It definitely will be used in my class! :)

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I'm happy to know you'll be using this idea.

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