Saturday, March 28, 2015

MAHPERD Workshop

This morning I presented at the Michigan Association for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance (MAHPERD) Workshop.  I had a great time meeting other P.E. teachers, and learning new things.   Below are links to my Keynote presentation and also my hand-out.

Keynote Presentation

Monday, March 23, 2015

Easter Games for Physical Education Class

Below are some links to my previous blog posts for Easter Games!

P.E. Easter Egg Hunt (Relay)

Easter Egg Hunt, Jellybean Tag, Easter Tag

Easter Egg Tag

Jellybean Wars

Jellybean Tag

Easter Egg Color Sort (blog post for students with special needs)

Please leave a comment if you try one of these activities.  I'd love to hear how it goes!

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

P.E. Activities for Elementary Special Education Students: Students with disabilities and students with Autism

The year after I graduated college, I worked as a substitute teacher, and also as a paraprofessional in a
special education classroom - for students with Autism.  I learned SO much through that experience.  In particular, I realized how important it is for students with disabilities to have the same quality education as students without disabilities.  

I remember going to P.E. with the class and being disappointed.  We did the same thing every week - jogged around the gym for 2 minutes, then spent the rest of the class period pulling kids around on scooters. 

I knew that someday when I got a teaching job, I would try to do so much more for students with disabilities.   I know it can be challenging working with this population of students...... it takes more time, preparations, and planning on your part.  However, it is worth the effort!  Do not underestimate what this group of students can accomplish in your P.E. class!  The Golden Rule is a good thing to remember: "treat others as you would like to be treated"..........if you were a person with a disability, how would you want teachers and other students to treat you? 

If you are struggling for ideas to use with your special education students, please see the videos below for a few suggestions:

Sample Obstacle Course Videos -
Another Fun Obstacle Course -
Body Bowling (Log Roll, Pencil Roll, Somersault) -
Balloons - 
ABC Matching Relay -
Thanksgiving Dinner Relay -
Hide and Seek Hearts -
Valentine Relay -
Color Sorting Relay - 
Mini Obstacle Course Warm-Up - 
Easter Egg Hunt with Color Sorting -
Rainbow Relay -
Christmas Scooter Activity -
Scooter Ships -
Christmas Activity -
Star Wars Throwing Game -
Sink the Ship Throwing Game -
Stop-Go-Slow - 
Dinonastics -
Yoga -
Center Ideas -
Poly Spot Relay -
Puzzle Relay -

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Basketball Lessons for K-5th grade with Minute Club Warm-Up and St. Patricks Day Game

For the month of March, the students will be focusing on Basketball Skills.  We are doing the Minute
basketball lesson agenda
Club Warm-Up, and 3rd-5th graders are practicing curl-ups and push-ups in preparation for their Fitnessgram fitness testing.  The minute club is really motivating students to jog and maintain a steady pace!  They have been excited to earn these Minute Club certificates!

These are some of the activities the students participated in this week:
1)  Ball Handling Drills (K-5th)
2)  Dribbling Drills (K-5) - Poly Spot Dribbling (K-2) Dribbling Tag (5th)
3)  Shooting (2nd-5th) - Shooting Game "Hot Shot" (3rd-5th)
4)  Gold Coin Exercise Game (for St. Patrick's Day) - this is something I made up this week after buying a ton of plastic gold coins from the dollar store.  It was fun and the kids got a lot of exercise!

 This is a video of the game HOT SHOT - players had 1 minute to shoot baskets, trying to score as many points as possible. Four people were at each hoop.

Video of "Poly Spot Dribbling" idea from
2nd grader playing "poly spot dribbling".  Players walk or jog and dribble throughout the area and stop at poly spots to dribble on knees (there are numbers written on my poly spots with permanent marker).

These are the gold coins I purchased from the Dollar Store and used for the GOLD COIN EXERCISE GAME.

excercises picking berries
GOLD COIN EXERCISE game - Students earned a gold coin by doing 10 exercises on the poly spots.  They placed their coins in the "girl bucket" or the "boy bucket" and continued earning more and more coins.  I stopped the game every 2 mins to change exercises (picking berries, jumping jacks, push-ups, etc).

For more St. Patrick's Day games, please visit: