Saturday, April 16, 2011

P.E. Easter Jellybean Tag

This game is very similar to Easter Egg Tag.

Equipment Needed:
2 rubber rings (or small pieces of foam pool noodles) for tagging players
2 Bunny ears (optional)

Description of Activity:
In this game, we pretend that the players are jellybeans and the taggers are Easter bunnies.   Bunnies could wear bunny ears as an option.

The end lines are safe.  Begin game with players lined up on the end line and 2 taggers in the middle circle.   Tell each player what color of jelly bean they are going to be (or have players choose what color they want to be).  Limit colors to 3-4 (example: purple, yellow, pink, black).  When taggers call a color, those players (aka. jellybeans) run across to the other safe line.   You could also have boys be one color and girls be another color.  If taggers call "Jellybeans" then ALL players run. 

If they make it without being tagged they are safe and wait for their color to be called again.  If they are tagged, the player sits down on the floor and curls up small like a jelly bean.  They may stand up and run to the end line when another player helps them by touching their back.

Choose new taggers every 2-3 minutes.  


1)  For a more aerobic game, eliminate the end lines being "safe".  Play is continuous.  Players move in the area while taggers chase them.  Tagged players sit like a jellybean and others can help them by touching their back.  

2)  Whenever we play tag with the end line being safe, I give a "penalty" to any player who runs too fast across the line and crashes into the end wall.    I have heard stories of kids breaking their wrists due to running into the wall and putting their hands up to stop themselves.  The penalty exercise I use is ABC push-ups.  This really helps keep kids safe because they remember to stop at the line!

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