Saturday, October 22, 2016

Fun P.E. Game "Hide Out" and Girl's Basketball

Student leading the Daily Dozen Warm-Up
We had another fun week in P.E. class!  The students participated in a variety of activities including the Fitnessgram PACER running test (3rd-5th), a fun game called Hide Out (3rd-5th - see video below), Basketball Centers with our Girl's Varsity Basketball Coach (see pics below), and some of the KKnights-2nd grade classes played the Color Game, Spider in the Web, and practiced leaping and the army crawl.  And of course, all of the students are getting stronger by participating in the warm-up activity "Daily Dozen".

Here is a video description of the game "Hide Out".  Thanks to fellow P.E. teacher Kyle Bragg for sharing this great game.  Check out my addition of the "army crawl" challenge!  The students had a lot of fun!

Varsity Coach - Mrs. Steenland came in to promote the girl's basketball program.  She led the classes in some basketball activities.  She has put a lot of effort into expanding our girl's basketball program, which began this week.  For more info visit Knights Basketball Academy on Facebook.  Thank you coach for coming in to visit us!
Coach Steenland helping a student with shooting form.

Coach demonstrating proper shooting form

The students loved dribbling with coach!
Student doing the army crawl under a hurdle during the "Color Game".

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Saturday, October 15, 2016

Fun October Games - Halloween Games

This post if for my fellow P.E. teachers out there who are looking for fun games to play before the end of the month!  Usually in October my students are participating in fall fitness testing, learning how to do center activities, and/or beginning our soccer unit.  The last week of October I like to play some fun Halloween games.  Check out the links below to my previous posts with a few printable games, pictures, and videos!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

First Month of P.E. Class

 Hi everyone,
This is our "Star Chart" to keep track of positive behavior!

I am always glad when the first month of school is completed!  It means that I know all of my students (almost all 700 by name!) and the students know my expectations in P.E. class.  At this point I give the students a "test" on my procedures and if anyone does not pass the test, I re-teach them the procedure during the game time.  I am a stickler for using our time wisely in the gym and not wasting any of our minutes on behavior issues.  Almost ALL of the students past their "test" the first time.  They are very well behaved!  This allows us to have lots of fun, and use our time to exercise and play.

Below is a list of what the students "can do" so far.  I hope to take some videos soon so you can watch some of this in action! (Update - I just posted 2 videos at the bottom....)

  • Find my rainbow spot and do the Daily Dozen (How to enter the gym and start the warm-up)
  • Play "Hot Wheels" (Fitness Activity - walking or jogging around the gym safely in the correct "lanes")
  • Move safely in the gym / Spacial Awareness / Personal Space
  • Listen during instruction time
  • Freeze when I hear the whistle
  • Clean Up Nicely
  • Be a leader (I have started choosing a student leader each day for each class period)
SKILLS that students have practiced this month:
  • Playing safely with rhinoskin balls (Pre-K and Kindergarten)
  • Hula Hoops (PreK-1st)
  • Rolling a ball / Bowling
  • Defensive position 
  • Throwing and Catching (3rd-5th)
  • Moving safely while playing tag
  • Walking/Jogging/Stopping and weaving through bowling pins
  • 12 Basic exercises

This is a sample agenda.  We always have a warm-up, fitness activity, skills practice and game time.  All in a 27 minute session (twice per week)! 
I just took a video of our Daily Dozen Warm-Up and Center Activities.  See below!
Daily Dozen Warm-Up

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