Saturday, December 13, 2014

Pattern Warm-Up, Volleyball, and Overhand Throw

Check out what we did this week in Physical Education!

K-2nd Graders
Pattern Warm-Up
Overhand Throwing Practice
Game:  Star Wars Throwing Game

3rd-5th Graders
Circuits (same as Pattern Warm-Up)
Volleyball Serving Practice
Newcomb (modified V-ball Game)

Below are videos of our warm-up and star wars game.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Games for PE, Partner Relays, Scooter Relays

I had such a fun week with the students!  3rd-5th grade students learned a new warm-up called Circuits (aka. Pattern Warm-Up), and began our Volleyball Unit.  They are learning the underhand and overhand (5th) serves.  We will play Newcomb next week.

Kindergarten-2nd grade students learned a new warm-up which I call the "Pattern Warm-Up", learned how to do relays with a partner, and learned how to ride scooters safely.  Students ride scooters on their bottom, belly or knees.  I also taught them the "Superman" and "Spiderman" way which is on their belly.  Superman lifts feet up like you are flying and using arms to scoot.  Spiderman lays on belly and "climbs up the building" by using hands AND feet to scoot.  The videos below show all ways.  They also learned how to push each other safely on the scooters with fingers pointing down, and not letting go of their partners.  They all did an excellent job being safe on the scooters.

Below are videos of Christmas Partner Running Relays, Scooter Relays, Christmas Tree Tag

PE Catching Game and Snow Day Tag

Kindergarten students playing the game SIX AND SWITCH.  Practicing using READY HANDS.

Kindergarten students playing the game SIX AND SWITCH.  Practicing using READY HANDS.

Kindergarten students playing the game SIX AND SWITCH.  Practicing using READY HANDS.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

P.E. Tossing and Catching, Fun Thanksgiving Game

Check out what we did in P.E. class this week:
1)  Warm-Up Variety / Move and Stretch Warm-Up
2)  Tossing and Catching practice (Individual Stunts-Stations)
4)  "The Turkey and the Farmer" Game (created by Tracy Zappone)

Enjoy the pics/videos below!

Here is a diagram of the game "The Turkey and the Farmer".

Wednesday's Agenda

Friday's Agenda

Set up for "Save the Treasure" game - Hula Hoops were the islands and the blue poly spots are where students stood to toss it to the "Islander" (the person who stood inside the hula hoop to catch "treasure" aka. beanbags.

Another view of the set up for "Save the Treasure".  Cones were used for warm-up.
Video of Catching Drills/Stunts/Tricks

Video of the game "The Turkey and the Farmer" created by Tracy Zappone:

Friday, November 7, 2014

Tossing and Catching - Elementary P.E. Class

I always enjoy teaching students about tossing and catching.  I like to begin our catching unit with students practicing individually.  After 2-3 class periods we practice tossing and catching with partners.  I usually use bean bags the first week to teach some basic catching skills and tricks/stunts, then use a variety of balls and fun objects to catch with the following week (such as bean bag animals, rubber animals, balls with different textures, etc.).

Here is what we did this week:
1) Warm Up Variety
2) Catching Drills
Details:  Catching with right and left hands, both hands, sit and catch, kneel and catch, catch switching hands, catching stunts = Toss/Clap/Catch, Toss/Kneel/Catch and Toss/Stand Up/Catch  (I teach "stunts" to 3rd-5th grades, and some easy stunts with 2nd graders. 
3) Save the Treasure Game - see videos of this game below!

For P.E. teachers who are looking for more information on my catching unit, please visit my previous blog post for catching, and also refer to Robert Pangrazi's book "Dynamic Physical Education" for some great information!  This was the text book I used in college and I have found it very useful over the years.  Here is a link to his Lesson Plan Book, which also has tons of great ideas!

Very first drill was to SIT and catch - this helps students practice tossing the bean bag directly above their head and helps them stay in their own personal space "bubble".

Very first drill was to SIT and catch - this helps students practice tossing the bean bag directly above their head and helps them stay in their own personal space "bubble".
These two videos are students practicing the stunt "Toss/Clap/Catch"
The next three videos are of the game "Save The Treasure".  The mats are the pirate ship with pirate taggers on it.  The players are trying to save the treasure "bean bags" and bring it back to the "islanders" who are on the islands (hula hoops).  Players who are tagged by pirates had to do 10 jumping jacks or 5 push-ups to re-enter the game.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

K-5th Grade Obstacle Course

Today I took my classes to our gym's upper level to do the Fitnessgram Flexed Arm Hang Test.  While I was testing, students were able to participate in jump rope, an obstacle course, and the monkey bar ladder.  Below is a video of a 5th grade student demonstrating the obstacle course. 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

P.E. Warm-Up Activity, Real Food Day Game, Trick or Treat Tag Game

This week I taught all of my students a new Warm-Up Activity called "Warm-Up Variety".  I used to call this "Four Corners", but changed the name since I decided to use 5 cones/signs instead of 4 (for 3rd-5th grade).  Below are 3 videos of this warm-up.  Students practiced running, the crab walk, and the bear walk.  They were huffing and puffing after 3-4 minutes of this activity!  I took a close up picture of the signs I used on the cones (see below).
These sign covers were a great purchase.  I use them all the time!

Today was "Real Food Day", so my 3-5th graders learned about real foods verses processed foods.  We played a game called "Fruit and Veggie Tag" to celebrate real foods.  Players who were tagged had to sit down and wait for the helper to bring them a fruit or vegetable.  Then they ran over and classified their item as a fruit or veggie by placing it in the labeled box.  Between each 2-3 minute round of the game, I called on 3 students to give examples of real or processed foods.  See video below of this game!

The K-2nd grade students learned a variety of new exercises and practiced them during the "Trick or Treat Tag" game.  Tagged players had to go "trick or treating" - which meant they rolled the dice and did that many exercises.  They also practiced MATH by rolling 2 or 3 dice and adding them together to do more exercises.  Between each 2-3 minute round of the game we stopped and I called on 3 students to give an example of how to be SAFE if they go trick or treating.  They had a lot of fun!  See video below.

Pic of 5th graders doing the crab walk during the warm-up.

Crab Walk

Trick or Treat Tag - students going to the "Push-Up House".