Saturday, February 28, 2015

Best P.E. Game - Sink the Ship (throwing, catching, rolling a ball)

Before we begin our basketball unit in March, I decided to have a fun week and play one of my favorite games - SINK THE SHIP from
Sample of how I set up each ship.

Click on the videos below to learn how to play!

Explanation of Game:

Video of 3rd graders playing SINK THE SHIP:

These two videos are examples of using 2 giant ships instead of 4: (2 teams instead of 4) (5th graders) (DK class)

When possible, match up colors of ships with lifeboats - green ship with green lifeboats (mat and scooters).  This helps the students understand which team they are on and how to clean up when game is finished.

Friday, February 20, 2015

P.E. Centers: Tumbling - Log Roll, Pencil Roll

Because of mid-winter break this week and half days for parent-teacher conferences, I only saw my K-2nd grade students.  I took them to the upper level gym for center activities.   We have a wrestling mat upstairs, which is very convenient for teaching tumbling.  The new skill the students practiced was tumbling:  Log Roll and Pencil Roll.   I also introduced the somersault (forward roll) and they will practice that next week.

When I asked the students why they thought it's important to learn tumbling, they had some great answers:  1)  In case your body catches on fire - stop, drop and roll.  2)  If you fall playing sports - being able to roll helps protect your body.  3)  If you fall off of a bike or roller blades - rolling helps protect your body.  4)  To know how to roll down a hill - it's fun! 5) If you take gymnastics class you use these skills.

The other center options this week were an Obstacle Course, Hula Hoops and Jump Ropes.  See pics below!
I set up two wedge mats and made signs to tape to the cones for Log Roll and Pencil Roll. Next week students will practice somersaults and backwards somersaults.

I taped a real pencil at the bottom of the sign to show the kids the "pointy top and eraser feet".

Student practicing the pencil roll.

This is the obstacle course I set up - begin on the low balance beam, touch the top of the small cone, crawl through tunnel, go through the "ring of fire", weave through bowling pins, hurdle and touch top of small cone, 2 more hurdles, jump inside 2 tires and cross the finish line (and touch the STOP button like on American Ninja Warrior).  They loved it!
Hula Hoop Center

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Warm-Up idea for P.E. class - Minute Running Club Certificates

Check out this warm-up idea that my friend and co-worker, Mrs. Bradley, thought of a few years ago.  We call this the "Minute Running Club", and it's a great way to teach jogging, pace, and endurance to elementary students.

We use this warm-up for the month before our fitness testing (March).  Begin by explaining to your students that they will be working on building endurance by jogging (without stopping to walk) for a specific time.  On day 1 you will have the students jog for 1 minute.  Day 2, the students will jog for 2 minutes, day 3 for 3 minutes, etc.  We build up to a 5 minute jog.

Watch the students as they jog to see who is able to jog without stopping.  At the end of the warm-up, any student who does not stop to walk may sign the poster (pictured below is the 3 and 4 minute posters).   Also, I give these CERTIFICATES to students at the end of class if they earn them.  The certificates are a GREAT motivator!

For more P.E. Certificates - click here! 

The top (white) certificates are the minute club certificates.  The bottom are other certificates I have for sale:  click here.  I like printing certificates on bright colored paper!

1/2 Mile Run Certificate - prints 4 per page.

My favorite - Sparkle Note - positive note home for P.E. students!
Mrs. Bradley's Minute Club posters hanging in the gym.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jump Rope Activities - Long Rope Games, Chinese Jump Ropes. Guard the Cookie Jar and Valentine Relay

Hearts for Relay
This week the students participated with long ropes and Chinese jump ropes.  K-2 grade students learned some long rope games such as Snake in the Grass, and Waves.   2nd graders learned how to twirl and jump with the long ropes.   Kindergarten-2nd grade students also learned a "Valentine Relay" and "Valentine Tag".  Another fun Valentine game is "Hide and Seek Valentine Hearts".

3rd-5th graders learned
a new Chinese jump rope pattern called the "criss-cross" (video of this below).  Some groups also practiced long rope jumping with rhymes, and a fun long rope game called "Elimination".  A few of my classes had time to play a fun game called "Guard the Cookie Jar".  Did I mention they had FUN?!

2nd graders playing "Snake in the Grass" with  long ropes.

Playing "Snake in the Grass".

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Chinese Jump Rope Patterns, Towel Push Exercise - Fun PE Activities

1st graders using the Chinese Jump Rope - Americans Pattern
This week I taught my students about Chinese Jump Ropes (K-5th grades).  It was a big hit with all grade levels!  Here is a link to many printable posters (regular paper size) which I use while teaching Chinese Jump Ropes.  

Below are also a few pictures of the "towel push" exercise which I added to our warm-up activity.  It was something fun and different for the kids and they seemed to enjoy it!  Our warm-up routine is jog 1 lap, then do 10 reps of an exercise, and repeat for 3-5 minutes.  The towel push was an exercise they could choose during this time.   This routine gets their heart rates up very quickly and provides for a lot of variety.
1st grader jumping with a Chinese Rope.

These are the doctors in the game Dr. Mario which we played last week.

Playing Dr. Mario - printable click here!

The Towel Push

Towel Push

V-sit exercise (student in the middle)

Videos Below!

Fun Valentine Game for P.E. - Valentine Tag

Please click here for printable directions to Valentine Tag.   
We used the flavors of chocolates as the names of boys/girls for tag.  Example: Girls= "caramel swirl"  Boys="Coconut Creme".  We changed names every few minutes:  Cocoa, Raspberry Creme, Orange Creme, Dark Chocolate, etc.  Click here for printable document of the game.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jump Rope Unit, Warm-Up Variety, Dr. Mario Game

The students have been busy this month learning a variety of jump rope skills, new exercises for our warm-ups, and also playing some fun fitness games (Dr. Mario).  Below are a few pictures and videos!

Attention PE Teachers = I recently purchased these PE Activity Task Cards and I love them!  I printed in color and laminated them so they will last for a very long time!  (Some of them are pictured below).

One of our Agenda's from last week.  I used THESE task cards for the jump rope stations.

Here is a sample of some TASK cards that I purchased and now use as part of our "warm-up variety".

Students using the TASK Cards during "warm-up variety".

These are some posters I made and use for our "warm-up variety".

Again, more TASK cards.
Kindergarten and 1st grade students practiced jumping over their ropes - they made straight lines and circles to jump over/into.  They did 10 jumps, then practiced twirling the ropes over their heads.

1st grade student practicing jumping into her jump rope circle - with both feet together.

1st graders jumping into their circles.

Nice landing!

Jumping over her rope.