Sunday, May 16, 2021

Top 5 Favorite Games for Physical Education

I can't believe it's been almost a year since my last post.  What a crazy year it has been with the Covid-19
pandemic.  I'm so thankful that I've still been able to teach PE in person most of this school year.  

I recently had someone ask me, "What are your top 5 favorite games for PE?".  I figured this would be a great blog post, so here goes!  When the students walk into the gym and see these games set up, their eyes LIGHT UP with excitement!

5. Rockets and Satellites - This is a great game to practice volleyball hits, or you could also make this a throwing/rolling game.  Instructions for the game are in the video!

4.  SORRY! - Since taking this video, I have purchased another set of the Stur-Tee balls from Gopher.   I call this game SORRY because the bases look like the pieces from the board game SORRY.   Great way to practice throwing, catching and defense.  Instructions are described in the video!

3.  Battleship -  Great game for throwing, catching, and defense.  This is like the board game Battleship.  There are two teams and they try to guess where the other team's ships are, and sink them by throwing balls over the mats.  The bowling pins are the ships.  If a ball is caught out of the air when it comes over the mats, that player can take the caught ball over to the other team's side and throw the ball (but must stay on the outside of the black line).  K-2nd graders may stand the pins back up, and 3rd-5th graders can play more competitively and not stand the pins back up (play until a team wins and knocks down all of the pins). 

2.  Rainbow Wars - Similar to SORRY, but I'm using a variety of my rainbow set equipment as targets.  Students can earn points for knocking down different items.  Instructions are in the video!

1.  Sink the Ship - Awesome game for throwing, catching, defense, teamwork, and scootering.  Click here for game directions.

Bonus- Guard the Castle - This is a quick and easy game to teach and play.  The set up is very quick!  Click here for printable instructions for the game.

There they are!  Hope you all have a GREAT time playing these with your students!

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