Sunday, May 23, 2021

Scooter Games for Elementary Physical Education

Today I am sharing some fun and easy scooter activities for your PE classes.  The first thing to mention is that
sometimes I allow "Turbo Speed" and sometimes I do not.  I refer to "Turbo Speed" as to when the student gets a running start (3-5 steps), then gets on their knees or belly. Getting a running start makes the scooter go faster, hence the name "Turbo Speed".  It can be a great workout for children and they love it because it's fun.   Keep in mind, in some scooter games "Turbo Speed" is OK, but in other games it is not safe.  It all depends on the size of the playing area, number of students, and directions in which the players are traveling on the scooters.  Please read below for further details!

Turbo Speed

1.  Scooter Practice - Free Riding in General Space (No "Turbo Speed" allowed):  The students practice riding their scooter safely in general space on their bottom, belly or knees.  I give them about 5 minutes to practice.  They all pretend they have a giant personal space bubble around them.  

2.  Scooter Tag:  This is a great game to play after the students practiced riding safely!  Begin the game with 3 people "out" in line by the cone.  All other players begin on a scooter, including the taggers.  Players ride in general space safely (no "Turbo Speed").  If a player is tagged, they get off of their scooter and stand out behind the cone.  Then the next person behind the cones comes into the game and gets on the available scooter.  The line moves quickly so no one is out for very long.  Change taggers every 3 minutes (I use two taggers).  

3.  Rainbow Roads: Set up "roads" using matching color cones.  Students ride in a straight line on their road, from one cone down to the other and back.  I match the color scooter to the color cone so even our youngest preschool students can clearly understand where to ride.  This is a great chance for the students to try "Turbo Speed" because it is safe to do so. Depending on your class size and playing area, you can set up several roads.  My gym allows for 7-8 roads.  Students can line up behind any color cone for a turn.  

Video coming soon!

4.  Scooter Tow Trucks:  I like to play this game after the Rainbow Roads game.  The tow truck person is pulling the person on the scooter.  The rules are that the tow truck person must WALK, they must stay in FRONT of the scooter person, they must stay on the rainbow roads, and there is no crashing.  The person on the scooter (aka the "broken car") must sit in the middle of the scooter with their feet up, and hold the tow rope (which is a braided jump rope folded in half).   The person on the scooter may not yank on the rope.  

5.  Scooter Ships:  Here is a fun way to play with the scooters!  Place 2 scooters under a gym mat.  This is the "scooter ship".  Students may take turns riding on top of the ship while a partner pulls the ship with a hula hoop or jump rope.  

6.  Sink the Ship:  This is always one of my student's favorite games of the year!  It is primarily a throwing/catching game, but it also involves scooters!  This has become a well known game in the PE teacher community.  Your students will have a blast!


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