Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Elementary P.E. Trick or Treat Relay

Here is a link to the Trick or Treat Relay game I came up with for Halloween.  I played it today with my Preschool and Kindergarten physical education classes and they had tons of fun!   This game could be used for Preschool-6th grade.


Pictures of the houses and the candy (puff balls) inside of the houses.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Elementary P.E. Hula Hoop and Jump Rope Lesson Ideas

To my fellow P.E. teachers:  

Click here for a copy of some of my hula hoop lesson plan ideas.  Great for elementary students!  I taught many of the things listed here to Kindergarten, Preschool, and Special Education students last week and the kids had lots of fun!

Click Here for Jump Rope Lesson Ideas.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

P.E. Hula Hoop Activities and Relay Races

I had so much fun with the kids on Wednesday at the Early Childhood Center. After our warm up game "STOP, GO, SLOW", we did some Dinonastics, then Hula Hoop Activities, and learned about Relay Races. After the kids learned how to take turns (they were in groups of 2-3), we played the Number Match Relay. It is quite amazing how much we can accomplish in 30 minutes when everyone is listening and following directions!

The pics below show Kindergarten students sitting at the end of their relay.  We talked about who is FIRST, SECOND and THIRD in line.  The second picture shows a student matching the number to her game board for the "Number Match Relay".

Here are some pics from last week when we did centers.  I tested the students on balance beam and gave them a special certificate if they could make it across all beams perfectly at least two times.  We called the beams "bridges" and the poly spots were "lily pads".  Don't step in the water!
 Tunnel and Trampoline Center

Working on KICKING.  We said "Step - Kick!"

Dinonastics CD - Doing the Animal Walks (Duck and Penguin below)

Zinser - 2nd Grade Update:
Sorry no pictures!  I have been so busy with these classes that I didn't have time to take pictures.  We've been working on fitness testing and centers (balance beams, bean bag toss, balloons and paddles, jump ropes and jumping sticks, trampoline and catching cups.   Next week we will take a break from testing and play some fun Halloween Fitness Games!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Animal Walks and Bean Bag Activities

Check out what we've been doing in P.E. class....

ECSE and Kindergarten classes (at the Early Childhood Center):
Animals Walks (with music from the Dinonastics CD).  
Bean Bag Activities (Dinonastics CD)
Practicing Rolling a ball and knocking down bowling pins
Kicking (working on STEP, KICK)

Zinser Elementary - 2nd Graders
Last week we practiced rolling balls and played two team games called "Rollerball" and "Pinball".  This week  we went outside to do our half mile run/walk for the Presidential Fitness Test.  After the test we had some time to play "Stop and Go Tag" and "Domination".  It was a beautiful day!