Monday, October 1, 2012

Animal Walks and Bean Bag Activities

Check out what we've been doing in P.E. class....

ECSE and Kindergarten classes (at the Early Childhood Center):
Animals Walks (with music from the Dinonastics CD).  
Bean Bag Activities (Dinonastics CD)
Practicing Rolling a ball and knocking down bowling pins
Kicking (working on STEP, KICK)

Zinser Elementary - 2nd Graders
Last week we practiced rolling balls and played two team games called "Rollerball" and "Pinball".  This week  we went outside to do our half mile run/walk for the Presidential Fitness Test.  After the test we had some time to play "Stop and Go Tag" and "Domination".  It was a beautiful day!


  1. Will Chase be able to make up the walk. He was mad when I read what you guys did. But the Dr. advised no PE on Monday due to strep.

    1. Sorry, I just now saw your comment. I need to adjust my settings so that I get an email when someone leaves a comment! We'll do the 1/2 mile again in the spring so no worries. :-)

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