Saturday, September 15, 2012

P.E. Activities for the First Week

Please read below for an overview of what the students did this week!

ECSE Students - Our routine will be warm-up exercises, running (they run the length of the gym as I hold up a stop and go sign), and centers.  Students completed four centers this week.  1)  Hitting balloons with Lollipop Paddles. 2)  Bean Bag Toss into hula hoops.  I have 4 different colored lines on the gym floor to mark a variety of distances for tossing.  3)  Balance Beams - they practiced on three different beams (all low); Wide, Narrow, and Curved beam.  4)  Kicking a ball.  We worked on STEP, KICK.  I have lines taped on the gym floor to show where their feet should go.  After the first class,  I added a small red line behind the ball to remind kids to start back and then take a step on the yellow line.  (See picture with ball on poly spot and yellow line on the side.  The blue spot was for their partner to stand to take a turn, but we ended up working individually).  Students kicked the ball to wall (we talked about how that RHYMES) then retrieved it and kicked it again, trying to get their ball to touch the wall.  The blue spots will be used as students advance and are ready to run up to the ball then step and kick it. 

TK and Kindergarten Students - This week the students learned about  my three rules (1. Listen, 2. Follow Directions, 3. Play Nicely).   They practiced following directions in the gym, stopping when I blow the whistle (freeze, hands on knees), warm-up exercises, a game called "Ponies In the Stable", bean bag activities with music (I like the Dinonastics CD), bean bag toss (underhand throw), and kicking (STEP, KICK).  I see the Kindergarten class twice each week, so we've had three classes together so far.  

2nd Graders - I see 2nd graders once per week for 55 minutes.  For their first class, students learned about my rules (1. Listen, 2. Follow Directions, 3. Play Nicely), practiced following directions and stopping on my signal (whistle means freeze hands on knees), learned a warm up activity called "move and stretch", did relay races such as the "puzzle relay", and one class even had time to play with the parachute!  The parachute games were a special surprise for the class if everyone was listening and following directions very well.  One group did not have time for parachute games this week because of poor listening....I expect they will be able to do parachute games with me next week!  ;-)  

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