Thursday, May 21, 2020

Build an Obstacle Course at Home

In the spirit of field day, this week's challenge for my P.E. students is to build an obstacle course at home!  Take a look at the videos and directions below.  Have fun!

Build an Obstacle Course

Step 1:
Ask your parent’s permission to build an obstacle course.
Decide if it will be built outside or inside.

Step 2:
Gather items to be used as obstacles.  Look in your house, garage, or use things that you find in your yard.  Here are some examples: Sticks, twigs, trees or logs, Boxes, Paper plates or stepping stones, Sidewalk Chalk, Pool noodles, Swing set, jungle gym, or trampoline if you have one, Balls, jump ropes or hula hoops

Step 3:
Decide how you will use your items.  Will you go around, across, over, under or through the item?

Step 4:
Create a start and a finish line.

Step 5:  

Try out your obstacle course!  Ask your family members to time you to see how fast you can complete it.  Ask your family members to also join in the fun and try out your obstacle course!

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