Tuesday, April 12, 2011

P.E. Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Hunt

I am looking forward to this year's Easter egg hunt!  Last year I bought TONS of plastic Easter eggs on sale to use for P.E. class.  I set up an Easter egg hunt for all of my students the week before Easter.   It is ideal to play outside, but I also did this in the gym and it worked out fine.  The kids loved this game and had lots of fun!

Equipment Needed:
Lots of plastic Easter eggs (I used a couple hundred)
Cones - all sizes (I used all I had, about 30)
Domes (optional - these are just for hiding eggs under)
Easter baskets (4-10)
Gym mats (if inside)
Cardboard boxes (if you need to create more hiding spots for eggs)

There are many ways to do this hunt.  The most standard way is put the students in 4 groups/teams.  Treat it like a relay race.  Students take turns running out into the field to find TWO Easter eggs.  I did not allow them to take more than TWO.  Players run back to their team (who is standing in line) and put their two eggs into their team's Easter basket.  Hunt continues until no one can find any more eggs.  Groups may count to see how many eggs they have.  After the hunt, I have students hide the eggs for the next class!

1)  If you would like to play this again, after hiding eggs tell the students each team has to find a specific color.  Example:  Team 1 = blue eggs, Team 2 = pink eggs, Team 3 = yellow eggs, Team 4 = green eggs.  Any left over colors can be freebies for any team.  Example = Purple eggs are for any team to collect!

2)  Another option is to make more teams so students have more turns to run (groups of 2 or 3).  Or, if you have 4 teams, you could allow TWO players from each team to hunt together.

This hunt does take some prep work!  But, it is worth it when you see how much the children enjoy it.  First, mark a line or use a cone to show where each team lines up for the relay.  Last year I painted huge numbers in the grass so each team knew where to stand.  You could also put a cone there and tape a piece of paper to the cone with the number written on it.  Give each team an Easter basket to collect their eggs.

Scatter cones, domes, cardboard boxes, Easter baskets, etc. out in the playing area.  Put a few up close, some in the middle, and many far out!  Make it a challenge!  Hide the plastic eggs under cones and other items.  If inside the gym, you can stand mats up vertically and use them as walls to hide baskets, etc.  When playing outside I also scattered some unhidden eggs just in the grass.

Videos will be posted when we play this before Easter!


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    1. Thank you very much! Glad you enjoyed the Easter games.