Tuesday, March 10, 2015

P.E. Activities for Elementary Special Education Students: Students with disabilities and students with Autism

The year after I graduated college, I worked as a substitute teacher, and also as a paraprofessional in a
special education classroom - for students with Autism.  I learned SO much through that experience.  In particular, I realized how important it is for students with disabilities to have the same quality education as students without disabilities.  

I remember going to P.E. with the class and being disappointed.  We did the same thing every week - jogged around the gym for 2 minutes, then spent the rest of the class period pulling kids around on scooters. 

I knew that someday when I got a teaching job, I would try to do so much more for students with disabilities.   I know it can be challenging working with this population of students...... it takes more time, preparations, and planning on your part.  However, it is worth the effort!  Do not underestimate what this group of students can accomplish in your P.E. class!  The Golden Rule is a good thing to remember: "treat others as you would like to be treated"..........if you were a person with a disability, how would you want teachers and other students to treat you? 

If you are struggling for ideas to use with your special education students, please see the videos below for a few suggestions:

Sample Obstacle Course Videos - http://youtu.be/9V9kl6phnRk
Another Fun Obstacle Course - http://youtu.be/0-HLJe-RTew
Body Bowling (Log Roll, Pencil Roll, Somersault) - http://youtu.be/mwbW0DhXiFw
Balloons - http://youtu.be/o_-N2sW0mgI 
ABC Matching Relay - http://youtu.be/METbkABOAhc
Thanksgiving Dinner Relay - http://youtu.be/AVbqES-Mq6E
Hide and Seek Hearts - http://youtu.be/WBOm-9DoQfY
Valentine Relay - http://youtu.be/dJ2cWZmB0u8
Color Sorting Relay - http://youtu.be/_KUPfpIYc18 
Mini Obstacle Course Warm-Up - http://youtu.be/XPwfFz6a4YE 
Easter Egg Hunt with Color Sorting - http://youtu.be/KcHOxz9au_U
Rainbow Relay - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kp_RO2Ryff8
Christmas Scooter Activity - http://youtu.be/CkWu2xW7VLI
Scooter Ships - http://youtu.be/rq-dauc3zQU
Christmas Activity - http://youtu.be/4CQiP_NgIvM
Star Wars Throwing Game - http://youtu.be/aMByBxgiLK4
Sink the Ship Throwing Game - http://youtu.be/ct1RbbTUG-A
Stop-Go-Slow - http://youtu.be/GTMba-SgqWg 
Dinonastics - http://youtu.be/JdgcHDIX0qU
Yoga - http://youtu.be/JbL6hT2AqBY
Center Ideas - http://youtu.be/29D5c0ejCSk
Poly Spot Relay - http://youtu.be/fZxzF3sIn-c
Puzzle Relay - http://youtu.be/czptSrxRSBs

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