Thursday, February 12, 2015

Warm-Up idea for P.E. class - Minute Running Club Certificates

Check out this warm-up idea that my friend and co-worker, Mrs. Bradley, thought of a few years ago.  We call this the "Minute Running Club", and it's a great way to teach jogging, pace, and endurance to elementary students.

We use this warm-up for the month before our fitness testing (March).  Begin by explaining to your students that they will be working on building endurance by jogging (without stopping to walk) for a specific time.  On day 1 you will have the students jog for 1 minute.  Day 2, the students will jog for 2 minutes, day 3 for 3 minutes, etc.  We build up to a 5 minute jog.

Watch the students as they jog to see who is able to jog without stopping.  At the end of the warm-up, any student who does not stop to walk may sign the poster (pictured below is the 3 and 4 minute posters).   Also, I give these CERTIFICATES to students at the end of class if they earn them.  The certificates are a GREAT motivator!

For more P.E. Certificates - click here! 

The top (white) certificates are the minute club certificates.  The bottom are other certificates I have for sale:  click here.  I like printing certificates on bright colored paper!

1/2 Mile Run Certificate - prints 4 per page.

My favorite - Sparkle Note - positive note home for P.E. students!
Mrs. Bradley's Minute Club posters hanging in the gym.


  1. Hello,

    I love the idea, I am looking to see how you manage the children who finish running, what do they do while other are running.

  2. They all finish together. For example, if we are doing the 3 minute jog the whole class is jogging together for 3 minutes. If a student has to stop to walk, that is ok but they do not earn the certificate. So the teacher has to observe and only give a certificate to the students who jog the whole time. Does that make sense? It's a great way to teach pacing - the first day is 1 minute jog for the whole class, then 2 minutes on the next day. Each day they learn they may need to go a slower pace in order to not have to stop and walk. Does that make sense? Hope it goes well for you!