Saturday, February 7, 2015

Jump Rope Activities - Long Rope Games, Chinese Jump Ropes. Guard the Cookie Jar and Valentine Relay

Hearts for Relay
This week the students participated with long ropes and Chinese jump ropes.  K-2 grade students learned some long rope games such as Snake in the Grass, and Waves.   2nd graders learned how to twirl and jump with the long ropes.   Kindergarten-2nd grade students also learned a "Valentine Relay" and "Valentine Tag".  Another fun Valentine game is "Hide and Seek Valentine Hearts".

3rd-5th graders learned
a new Chinese jump rope pattern called the "criss-cross" (video of this below).  Some groups also practiced long rope jumping with rhymes, and a fun long rope game called "Elimination".  A few of my classes had time to play a fun game called "Guard the Cookie Jar".  Did I mention they had FUN?!

2nd graders playing "Snake in the Grass" with  long ropes.

Playing "Snake in the Grass".

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