Friday, February 20, 2015

P.E. Centers: Tumbling - Log Roll, Pencil Roll

Because of mid-winter break this week and half days for parent-teacher conferences, I only saw my K-2nd grade students.  I took them to the upper level gym for center activities.   We have a wrestling mat upstairs, which is very convenient for teaching tumbling.  The new skill the students practiced was tumbling:  Log Roll and Pencil Roll.   I also introduced the somersault (forward roll) and they will practice that next week.

When I asked the students why they thought it's important to learn tumbling, they had some great answers:  1)  In case your body catches on fire - stop, drop and roll.  2)  If you fall playing sports - being able to roll helps protect your body.  3)  If you fall off of a bike or roller blades - rolling helps protect your body.  4)  To know how to roll down a hill - it's fun! 5) If you take gymnastics class you use these skills.

The other center options this week were an Obstacle Course, Hula Hoops and Jump Ropes.  See pics below!
I set up two wedge mats and made signs to tape to the cones for Log Roll and Pencil Roll. Next week students will practice somersaults and backwards somersaults.

I taped a real pencil at the bottom of the sign to show the kids the "pointy top and eraser feet".

Student practicing the pencil roll.

This is the obstacle course I set up - begin on the low balance beam, touch the top of the small cone, crawl through tunnel, go through the "ring of fire", weave through bowling pins, hurdle and touch top of small cone, 2 more hurdles, jump inside 2 tires and cross the finish line (and touch the STOP button like on American Ninja Warrior).  They loved it!
Hula Hoop Center

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