Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elementary P.E.- Tripods and Headstands

Activities the students have been working on since our last update:
1) Leaping Leprechauns Warm-Up Game
2) Tumbling (Somersaults, Log and Pencil Rolls, and tripods, headstands and cartwheels for 2nd grade)
3) All students are participating in basketball activities for the month of March.

See pictures and videos below!
Second grade students finished up their tumbling unit with tripods and headstands.  We taught the tripod first and required students to balance for 10 seconds before trying to lift their legs up for a headstand.  Key points to remember when practicing a tripod - 1)  make a triangle with your head and hands, 2) Spread your feet apart on the mat (to line up your knees with your elbows), 3)  Slowly walk your feet in towards your elbows and lift knees up to balance on elbows.
2nd grade student doing a tripod.

Student balancing in a tripod position before raising legs up for a headstand.


Video of our student teacher, Mr. Gietzen, teaching a round-off. We typically do not teach this skill, but decided to this year because of student interest. Students had the option to try this, or participate in other tumbling activities.

Video of Kindergarten doing the "Leaping Leprechaun" Warm-Up:

Video of 2nd grade doing "Leaping Leprechauns"

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