Sunday, May 26, 2013

Elementary PE Lesson - Batting/Tball, Sink the Ship "Battleship", Couch Potato Tag, and Puppy Tag

Last week the students said goodbye to Mr. Gietzen, our student teacher.  He did a great job and we wish him the best!  Thank you Mr. Gietzen!

The last few weeks of PE have consisted of the following activities:
1)  T-ball / Batting practice (see pics below).  This worked great for all of my classes - we set up "batting cages" for students and the kids got lots of individual practice.
2)  "Battleship"/Sink the Ship (Throwing/Catching/Rolling game) - TK and K played this game.
3)   Dr. Mario -2nd grade
4)  Review of first semester skills
5)  I hope to play "Capture the Flag", or Parachute Games with 2nd graders on Monday, and also pass out PE Certificates.
Puppy Tag - 2nd Grade - with MUSIC "Who Let the Dogs Out".
Students are "puppies" and start the game in their "cage" (the floor mats).  The "dog catchers" are the taggers.   They have a noodle piece used for tagging.  If a puppy is tagged, they go back to their cage.

Mr. Gietzen's (student teacher) last day teaching.....the staff at ECC had a luncheon and he brought his super sweet girlfriend.  Thanks for all of your help this semester! We will miss you!

TK class played "Sink the Ship/Battleship".

Student in her "batting cage" practicing hitting a ball off a tee with a lollipop paddle.
Batting cage set up for 2nd graders - We had 3 students per group.  One hitter (gave 3 swings), one catcher, one outfielder.  They rotated very nicely and each player had several turns playing all 3 positions.
Picture of 2nd grade student batting.
Another view of the batting cage set-up for 2nd graders.

Lollipop paddles and medium/tall cones work great for teaching batting to young children!  Each child had their own "batting cage".  We stood up tall mats to accomplish this, which worked great to give each child their own space and protection.

Videos of COUCH POTATO TAG with Mr. Gietzen (student teacher). Tagged players had to go be a "couch potato" and sit on a mat and wait for the helper to bring them a foam fruit or veggie. Between rounds of this game we took a minute to talk about good nutrition and identified what is a fruit or vegetable.


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