Thursday, May 23, 2013

Printable P.E. Certificates - Fitness Testing Certficates/PE Awards

Attention fellow P.E. teachers-----Do your students participate in fitness testing?  If so, I have many printable mini-certificates (prints 4 per page) for you to use!  The kids LOVE these certificates and are really motivated to earn them.  Print them on bright colored paper and they look awesome! 

The mile run certificate is a FREE download.  My other certificates are priced at $1.00 each, or you can download ALL fitness test certificates for $5 (14 certificates).  I also have SKILL awards/certificates available.  Please visit my "store" to view samples and download certificates:

Here is a list of certificates that are available:
 Mile Run Mini-Certificate - FREE
Mile Run - Full size certificate - $1.00
1/2 Mile Mini-Certificate  - $1.00
1/4 Mile Mini- Certificate - $1.00
Sit-Up King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Push-Up King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Sit and Reach King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Shuttle Run King/Queen Mini-Certificate - $1.00
Flex Arm Hang Healthy Mini-Certificate (boys and girls) - $1.00 each
Improvement Award Mini-Certificate (purchase scratch and sniff stickers to go with this one) - $1.00 

Or purchase the Fitness Test Set for $5.00.

Skills Award Set - 12 pages of awards for $3.00.

Sparkle Note (4 per page) - $2.00 - This is my favorite and most used certificate!   It has lines for you to write in whatever you want to say for your student.  It's a generic "your child is doing great in PE class....I'm especially impressed with _______".  (ex.  "Timmy is doing great with our basketball unit - his shooting form is superb!" 

Thanks everyone!

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