Saturday, August 3, 2013

P.E. Catching Lesson for Homeschoolers (Catching Web Quest)

I had the pleasure of meeting a very nice family yesterday who are homeschooling their three elementary aged children. I was telling the mother about my blog and web site ( as it could be used as a resource for her.

This summer I took a technology class for my master's degree, and created a Web Quest as my final project. My web quest is a great tool for homeschoolers, or to be used as PE homework for school children. Please click on this link to participate in my free catching web quest!  The left side of the page has a list of tabs to click on (introduction, task, process, evaluation, conclusion and teacher page).  Older students can navigate for themselves, or parents can help read the directions.

By participating in this catching web quest, children meet many content standards for physical education and also technology!   Hope you enjoy it!

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