Monday, December 6, 2010

P.E. Parachute Activities for Elementary Students

Parachute Activities

Everyone loves parachute day! Even the adults who walk through the gym tell me about the fond memories they have of playing with the parachute in their PE class when they were in school! I too have great memories playing games with the parachute and I enjoy teaching my students a variety of parachute activities.

Attention P.E. teachers:
Before teaching parachute activities, it is very important to talk about your rules/procedures. Please click on the link "Tips for Teaching Parachute Activities" for details on my rules and procedures.

Parachute Activities: For details on how to play these games, please click the link: “Parachute Activities”.

1. Practice following directions with the parachute. (Hold, Stand on a handle, sit with parachute, etc.)

2. Making Waves - big/slow waves and fast/small waves.

3. Umbrella

4. Mushroom and Mushroom Activities
5th graders making a mushroom

2nd graders brainstorming ideas for ways to get exercise outside in the winter time.

2nd graders making a "mushroom"

5. Mountain (no video of this yet)
6. Climb the Mountain (no video of this yet)
7. Merry Go Round (no video of this yet)
8. Switch-a-roo

9. Popcorn

10. Cat and Mice (no video of this yet)
11. Roly Poly (no video of this yet)


  1. I am currently an undergrad and studying Physical Education and Health, I had my first clinical experience this semester with elementary students. I have used a few of your ideas from your blogs and my students have loved them...thanks so much! -Courtney

    1. Awesome, so glad to hear that! Didn't see your message until now, but better late than never! I hope you ended up getting a teaching job. :-)

  2. What size is your parachute? Our school has a very small parachute, and I am purchasing a larger one.

    1. Not sure exactly how big, but I would guess at least 20 feet in diameter.

  3. Very helpful, thank you! :)

  4. Replies
    1. Excellent! I also recently created a web page to organize my games and make it easier to navigate. It's a work in progress, but check it out!

  5. Any suggestions of how to adapt some of the activities or perhaps other games for children with disabilities? I facilitate interactive play with groups of children who are integrated in a classroom or who are partnered for a day of play.

  6. I too have great memories playing games with the parachute and I enjoy teaching my students a variety of parachute umbrella