Monday, December 20, 2010

P.E. Class - 3rd week of December/ Parachute Games and Pacer Running Test

Last week's activities included:

1) Warm-Up CentersClick the link to watch videos: Warm-Up Centers
2) Parachute Games (Day 2)
3) "Feed the Reindeer Relay"(for the groups who did not play last week)
4) PACER Running Test (5th Grades only)
*Dr. Ingrid Johnson from Grand Valley State University has volunteered to administer this test to our 4th-5th graders three times throughout the school year to track progress.

The PACER (Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular
Endurance Run) is the default aerobic capacity test
in FITNESSGRAM. The PACER is a multistage fit-
ness test adapted from the 20-meter shuttle run
test published by Leger and Lambert (1982) and
revised in 1988 (Leger et al.). The test is progres-
sive in intensity—it is easy at the beginning and
gets harder at the end. The progressive nature of the
test provides a built-in warm-up and helps children
to pace themselves effectively. The test has also been
set to music to create a valid, fun alternative to the
customary distance run test for measuring aerobic
capacity. (

Please click on the link to read more: Pacer Running Test.

Please see below for video clips!

2nd Grade playing "Cat and Mouse" parachute game:

Playing "Cat and Mouse" with TWO cats:

3rd graders playing "Cat and Mouse"

Pacer Running Test Videos:

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