Saturday, December 4, 2010

P.E. Activities - First week of December

This week's agenda was:
1. Warm-Up Centers
2. Battleship - click here for videos of us playing!
3. Christmas Tag games - click on the game title for videos of each: Reindeer Tag, Christmas Tree Tag, Candy Cane Tag

Each month I like to teach a new warm-up activity and begin a new unit. This week, however, we played Battleship again because I wanted to make sure all the students had a turn to be the "lifeboat person". Therefore, parachute games will begin next week! This month's new warm-up activity is called "Warm-Up Centers". For details on this activity, please click the link "Warm-Up Centers."

Videos of Warm-Up Centers will be posted next week!

For the month of December, our unit of focus is Parachute Games and possibly beginning jump rope activities if time allows. I spend a few months on jump rope skills so if I do not have time this month we will focus on that in January and February.

I try to save the last 5-10 minutes of class for playing fun Christmas Games such as Reindeer Tag, Christmas Tree Tag, Candy Cane Tag, and the Christmas Match Game (link to this will at the end of the month).

Because of the snow, this was the first week many students forgot to bring their gym shoes. :-( If you would like to read about my no shoes policy, please click on the link: "No Shoes Worksheet".

Here is a video of 5th grade students doing their "No Shoes Worksheet".

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