Saturday, November 20, 2010

My Friday Classes

We sure keep busy during our 55 minute P.E. class. Yesterday's agenda was 1)Warm-Up (Switcharoo) 2) Thanksgiving Match Game and 3) Battleship.

My Friday classes really enjoyed the Thanksgiving Match Game, and we took a few minutes to sneak in a nutrition lesson! We discussed the difference between proteins, carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables and what each one does to help our bodies. We also identified everything on our "plate" (game board) and classified each item as protein (turkey), carbohydrate (stuffing), vegetables (mashed potatoes, green beans, corn) and fruit (cranberry sauce).

At the end of class during our review time, many of my 3rd graders agreed that they would try some new foods this Thanksgiving (maybe something they didn't like last year)! We talked about how our taste buds change as we get older and many of them gave me examples of things they like to eat now, but didn't like before. But, of course, some still cringed their noses at the thought of eating green bean casserole. :-)

We concluded the lesson with Battleship which is a game which involves a lot of catching and throwing.  We've been practicing both of those skills since early October.  Below are several videos of my Friday classes playing Thanksgiving Match Game and Battleship.

3rd graders playing the Thanksgiving Match Game:

Another 3rd grade clip:

2nd graders playing Thanksgiving Match Game:

2nd grade Battleship: Towards the end of the video, the one team's ship sunk (all their bowling pins were knocked down), so the "crew" sunk to the bottom of the ocean to do ABC Push-ups, then they will come back to set up their pins again and continue playing.

The kids on the scooters are "lifeboats" and they bring "cannonballs" back to their ship. The team on the blue mat just sank, so they were doing their push-ups, then came back to set up their pins.

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