Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Overhand and Underhand Throwing Lesson Ideas for Elementary Students

Throwing Unit

Throwing - Instruction (cue words used to teach proper form)

Underhand throw = Tick, Step, Tock
Overhand Throw (K-2nd grade)= T position, Bend (elbow), Twist
Overhand Throw (3rd-5th grade) = T, Tilt, Bend, Twist

T- position= Both arms are extended so the body looks like the letter T.  Non throwing arm is pointing to the target.  

- tilt body back so your non-throwing arm and foot come up (foot comes off the floor).  The tilt gives more power to your throw.

Bend - Bend elbow of throwing arm.

Twist - twist body as your bend your elbow.

Throw - release ball and follow through. 

Throwing Practice - individual (overhand throw):

I give each student a foam or yarn ball.  They stand behind the side line and aim for the opposite wall.  You can hang targets on the wall (big papers, hula hoops, or maybe there are already painted targets on the walls) for them to aim at. 

We practice individually this way for about 5-6 minutes each class period during the throwing unit.  This gives me a chance to give feedback and help students who need reminders about their form.  You can also use this time for assessment. 

Throwing Games:

Star Wars:  I make one huge spaceship (with 4-5 mats) or many separate spaceships.  Mats are set up as ships against the wall, standing tall.  Players throw foam or yarn balls into spaceships.  Mark 3 different colored lines running down the length of the gym for this game.  Depending on grade level, students must stand behind the line while throwing.   Specify underhand or overhand throw.  Good time to pass out sparkle notes for good form or distance of throws into the spaceship. 

I choose 4-5 kids to be the “astronauts”.  They stay inside the ship and throw balls back out. 

This is one of my favorite games ever! See for the  instructions - search for “Sink the Ship”.
Video of Battleship - 2nd graders

Search for the folllowing games:

Beginner Games:
Two Pass Catching
Hot Potato Tag
Throw and Catch Medley
6 and Switch with partner
Sink the Ship (Battleship) - all grades enjoy this game


Birthday Cake - good for underhand throw
Throw Everything
Healthy Eaters
Catch 100 with partner
Wishing Well
Indoor Snowball
Bean Bag Battle - good for 3rd-5th grades

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