Thursday, February 28, 2013

P.E. Tumbling, Body Bowling, Scooter Game

Check out what the students did this week in P.E. class!  For a description of the activity, please click on any of the highlighted items.  Pics and videos are also below!

Kindergarten:  We had a day of fun fitness games including 1) Popcorn Warm-Up, 2)  Puppies Tag, 3) Hungry Hippos Scooter Game.  

2nd Graders:  1)  Popcorn Warm-Up Game,  2)  Puppies Tag with additional exercises, 3)  Tumbling Activities / Body Bowling and 4) "Aviators" Game

ECSE Students:  1)  Move and Stretch Warm-Up, 2) Tumbling / Obstacle Course, 3)  Scooter Snowflakes Game

Body Bowling - Log Roll
Body Bowling - Somersault
POPCORN Warm-Up Game

This video is "Roll-Run-Jump" Tumbling Activity. A quick and easy way for students to practice their log and pencil rolls.
Video of 2nd graders practicing Somersaults. Our cue words were "Frog, Tuck, Roll" (Frog position is squatting down with hands and feet close together, looking between your legs). Remind students to flip over and roll on their backs, not their heads.

Video of Puppy Tag - "Dog Catchers" try to tag puppies. If a puppy is tagged, they have to go back to their cage (floor mat)

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