Tuesday, March 8, 2011

P.E. Basketball, Volleyball and Relay Races

March Madness is here at Zinser!  This month our focus is basketball skills.   Last month (February) 5th grade students finished up our volleyball unit and my 2nd-3rd graders finished the brief tumbling unit and the jump rope test.

Our agenda from last week was:
 (2nd-3rd Graders)
1)  Warm Up Exercises
2)  The Puzzle Relay
3)  Basketball - Dribbling Practice
4)  Basketball - Dribbling Games - Poly Spot Dribbling, Card Sharks, and Dribbling Tag

(5th Graders)
1) Warm-Ups
2) The Puzzle Relay
3)  Volleyball - practiced underhand serve and played "Newcomb"

See below for videos of last week's activities!

Puzzle Relay - Players took turns sprinting to the basket, took out one puzzle piece, and ran back to put together the puzzle.

2nd Graders playing "Card Sharks" dribbling game. Students had to dribble around the area and peek under the poly spots. Playing cards were hidden under some spots. The card they found determined the number of dribbles they had to perform and if they dribble standing up or on their knees.

3rd Grade "Card Sharks"

2nd graders playing "Dribbling Tag". If a player is tagged with the blue ring, they have to dribble on their knees and wait for the "helper" to touch them with the yellow noodle.

5th Graders playing "Newcomb" (just like volleyball except for they catch and throw the ball over the net instead of bumping, setting, spiking).

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