Thursday, October 16, 2014

PE in October - Soccer, Centers, Fitness Testing, Warm-Ups

Hi Everyone - This month the students have been finishing up our soccer unit, participating in the fall Fitnessgram fitness testing (3rd-5th), and learning how to do center activities.  I've posted many pictures and VIDEOS below.  I finally got some videos of our Kindergarten and 1st graders.  They are doing a great job listening, following directions/procedures, and playing nicely with each other.

PE Teachers - There is one printable game in this blog post for PINBALL.  I played Pin Kickball which is the same except kicking the balls to knock down pins instead of rolling them.  See diagram below and printable google doc for directions.
Friday 10-10-14


Agenda from 10-15-14

1st graders showing me how to sit nicely at the circle.  The circle is our listening spot and the procedure is to sit with hands in laps behind the circle line.  Nice job 1st graders!

1st graders using hula hoops
Kindergartener practicing STEP-KICK to knock down his bowling pin.



  1. Where did you get the soccer balls from that look like they have flat edges so they don't roll so fast? It looks like your K-2 students are using them.

  2. Those balls were at the school when I was hired, but I know you can order "INDOOR" soccer balls from sports magazines like US Games. They are so much more safe to use inside and they move slower on the gym floor.