Sunday, November 16, 2014

P.E. Tossing and Catching, Fun Thanksgiving Game

Check out what we did in P.E. class this week:
1)  Warm-Up Variety / Move and Stretch Warm-Up
2)  Tossing and Catching practice (Individual Stunts-Stations)
4)  "The Turkey and the Farmer" Game (created by Tracy Zappone)

Enjoy the pics/videos below!

Here is a diagram of the game "The Turkey and the Farmer".

Wednesday's Agenda

Friday's Agenda

Set up for "Save the Treasure" game - Hula Hoops were the islands and the blue poly spots are where students stood to toss it to the "Islander" (the person who stood inside the hula hoop to catch "treasure" aka. beanbags.

Another view of the set up for "Save the Treasure".  Cones were used for warm-up.
Video of Catching Drills/Stunts/Tricks

Video of the game "The Turkey and the Farmer" created by Tracy Zappone:


  1. Did you get a new gym or switch schools? Your new gym looks amazing!
    Thank you so much for sharing your lessons and ideas! You have helped me so much in my job as a new elementary PE teacher over the past year and a half!

  2. Gigi - Thanks so much for the nice comment! I appreciate hearing that! Yes, I am in a different school this year, but in the same school district. I LOVE my gym! It's amazing. I feel really blessed to have so much space!

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