Friday, April 24, 2015

Dance Unit for P.E. class

The week before spring break, the music teacher and I combined our classes to create two 55 minute dance lessons for our K-5th grade students.  The students learned a variety of dances including basic moving to music (Just Dance videos), Line dances, and Circle dances.   We had fun!

You may view and/or print my dance lesson plans at this link:  Dance Lessons

 Below is a video of 4th graders doing the Limbo Dance (my version of the dance) by Daddy Yankee

This was my Agenda on the board for the 1st day (3rd-5th)

I put up signs for the dance steps.

The P.E. and Music teachers created a video of the TIMBER LINE DANCE and projected it for students to follow along.

Our standards/ I CAN statements posted for students.

My board

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