Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Happy New Year - Jump Rope, Pattern Warm-Up and P.E. grades

Finally - I have completed my Masters Degree!  Last semester so much of my time was consumed by my masters work, that I did not have any extra time to update my blog.  I am happy to be able to report that January has been a very fun month of learning at school.  Check out the pictures, videos and details below to find out what we've been learning.

Warm-Ups:  This month all of the K-5th grade students did what I call the "Pattern Warm-Up".  The pattern is "Jog 2, Exercise 10".  Students jog 2 laps around the gym, then go to the middle of the gym to perform 10 reps of each exercise.  I use cones with signs to display a picture of the exercises.  I also add hurdles and/or the agility ladder for students to use during the jogging portion.  The exercises we did in the middle were:  Leg Stretches, Mountain Climbers or Push-Ups, Picking Berries or V-sit.   I like that students can work at their own pace and accomplish a lot of exercise in 3-4 minutes!  (See video below)

Skills:  Our unit for January was jump rope.  I have posted a ton of info regarding my JUMP ROPE unit in the past.  Please click HERE to view all of my posts on jump rope.  The students learn about single ropes, long ropes and Chinese jump ropes.  You may also check my youtube channel for lots of jump rope videos!  Here are links to some new videos from this year:  Long Rope Game - Snake in the Grass by 1st graders and Chinese Jump Rope - Criss Cross Pattern by 3rd graders.

Games:  In addition to the jump rope games/activities, I like to play the game FREEZER in January because it is so cold outside!

Report card grade for P.E. - One grade for P.E. is given on each student's report card.  This grade reflects the student's physical skills such as fitness, locomotor, and sport skills.  A portion of the grade also reflects the student's effort and participation.

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