Saturday, February 27, 2016

Hi Everyone!  This month has been filled with a variety of fun activities for my students.  It's amazing how much learning happens in 55 minutes per week!  Check out the list of skills we covered over the past few weeks:
underhand serve for volleyball
These pictures are from the EPEC curriculum.

1)  Volleyball Skills
2)  Throwing/Catching
3)  Jump Rope (in our warm-up "Jump Jog & Stretch")
4)  Parachute (K-2nd) - Teamwork and Cooperation
5)  Loco-motor Skills (in my new warm-up called "Highway")
6)  Tumbling (K-2)

Volleyball is one of my favorite units to teach.  3rd-5th graders learn the Volleyball underhand serve and 4th-5th play Newcomb.  My K-2 graders gain experience using the volleyball equipment in other activities. 

Soon we will celebrate MARCH MADNESS by dedicating the month to learning BASKETBALL SKILLS!   Students will continue with my new "Highway Warm-Up" for the next few weeks as well. 

During the last week of school before spring break, the music teacher and I will be combining our classes to teach DANCE.   The students will learn how to move to music by performing aerobic dances, line dances and circle dances.  This year we hope to introduce square dancing to 4th-5th graders as well!

P.E. Teachers - If you are looking for information on how to teach Parachute skills and games,  please click on this link to my parachute blog posts.  You will find a link to a printable document with my teaching tips, and also a LOT of videos of games! 

Also, If you are looking for a fun warm-up to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, check out my "Gold Coin Exercises" video!