Monday, February 20, 2017

Jump Rope for Heart, Special Guest, and Volleyball

I love how Valentine's Day at my school is celebrated with a "Healthy Heart Day".  The students
long jump rope
Long Rope Jumping at JR4H
spend half of the day doing activities that teach them about having a healthy heart.  This is when I hold our Jump Rope for Heart event in the gym!  We also have a Yoga/Dance center, and a Nutrition center in the cafeteria.

We had a JR4H assembly in January, and a group of my students performed a Jump Rope Routine.  I think it turned out awesome!  See the video below and here!  (practice video here- this one shows the cool cartwheels some of them began the routine with). All of my 3rd-5th grade students were able to do this routine together in P.E. class for the month of January.  It's a fun way for them to practice their skills together.

THANK YOUs - I would like to thank Mrs. Fisher for volunteering twice this month!  Mrs. Fisher is a parent and also a fitness instructor and personal trainer at the YMCA.  She led my classes for a whole day and taught them a variety of fun activities.  See pictures and videos below!  She also spent the Healthy Heart day with us leading a Yoga/Dance session.  She is amazing!

I would also like to thank all of the parents who came to volunteer for our Healthy Heart Day!  You are very much appreciated!  See pictures and videos below of our JR4H event.  Our school raised over $7,600 for the American Heart Association!  Thank you to all of our families who donated.  This is our highest amount ever raised, and that is all because of your generosity.

Other activities my students participated in this month include:  Volleyball activities, (Underhand Serving, Newcomb - Video), Obstacle Courses Video, Catching/Throwing.

Since we had 100+ in the gym for Jump Rope for Heart, I had these short obstacle courses in our upper level.  I taught all of my students this in P.E. class, so they would know what to do on our JR4H day.  

Hungary Hippos with Mrs. Fisher

Relay Activity with Mrs. Fisher!

Tug of War with Mrs. Fisher


JR4H - A parent volunteer playing a jumping stick game.  The kids LOVED this!

JR4H Long Rope Jumping

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