Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Winter Activities, Jump Rope Tricks, Volleyball Games, Hot Potato

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone!  My students have had a great month filled with tons of activities.  Check
Winter Activities
out the long lists of skills we've been practicing since my last post:

1.  Winter Activities - Check out these video links!  (Kindergarten2nd grade5th grade)  Students did all kinds of winter activities such as scooter sledding, scooter sleigh rides, rolling snowballs, ice skating, polar bear walk, elf obstacle, elf basketball, reindeer run, carry Santa's sack, making snow angels, and jingle bell jumping!  Here is a video explanation of how I set up these activities.

2.  Volleyballs Skills - We played "Rockets and Satellites" and "Angry Birds" as a fun way to practice these skills.  Students also worked with partners to practice the underhand and overhand serves.  Here is a video explanation of Angry Birds game.  Both of these games allowed students a chance to practice volleyball skills, and also catching, throwing, defense, rolling, teamwork and cooperation.

3.  Germ Ball (Video explanation)- In this fun game, students learned about germs and how to properly wash hands, roll a ball, play defense, dodge, teamwork and cooperation.

4.  Jump Rope Skills - Check out these videos of how I teach the students how to "master tricks".  Continuous Criss CrossEasy jump rope tricks (side swing pattern, 360, jacks), criss cross, pretzel, doubles, continuous doubles, forward to backward.  Here is a video of how I teach basic jump rope skills.  I have TONS of jump rope videos, so if you'd like more info just search jump rope on my youtube channel.

5. Hot Potato (Video of 2nd grade - We played this in the Music room when the gym was being used for concert rehearsal.  It was fun!  We also played Nutrition Bingo!

6.  Warm-Up Activity - 4th-5th graders have been doing my "jump rope routine" (video here) as a warm-up.  3rd graders are working on jump rope skills at their own pace, and KKnights-2nd graders did the December Daily Dozen.

Wishing everyone health and happiness over the holidays!
Carrying Santa's Sack

Rolling a giant snowball

Paper Plate Ice Skating

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