Sunday, April 14, 2019

Dance Unit 2019

Happy Spring!  Time has been flying by this year, and I realized I haven't posted in awhile.  I want to share some videos of the Dance Unit the Music teacher and I taught to our students.

We have a tradition of combining our classes to teach a dance unit together the week before spring break.  We always have fun, and the students learn a large variety of dances!  We always begin by explaining the benefits of dance to the students, then we review the I CAN statements.

The I CAN statements are:
I CAN move to music.
I CAN keep the beat.
I CAN try my best.

Below is a list of some of the dances we taught this year.  We have found that students enjoy the variety of dances we teach, and 99% of the students feel comfortable participating! 

Line / Group Dances - Cotton Eyed Joe (video below), Can't Stop the Feelin', Celebration
Improv Dance 3rd-5th grades - (video below)
Circle Dances - Chicken Dance (video below), Spring Dance (K-2nd), Buffalo Gals (K-2nd)
Limbo Rock - This year I purchased a Limbo stick and the students loved doing the Limbo Rock (video below)
Just Dance - At the end of our lesson we like to pull up some Just Dance videos for the students to follow along with.  The favorites are Super Mario Dance, YMCA, What Does the Fox Say and Skip to my Lou

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