Saturday, January 18, 2020

October Activities in PE Class

This year has been very busy, and I am a few months behind on my blog posts.  I wanted to share some info on what the students did in the month of October.

Warm-Up:  October Daily Dozen - 12 exercises choreographed to the song "I Gotta Feelin'"

Skills we practiced this month:
Volleyball skills
Catching & Throwing
Jump Rope
Relays & Teamwork
Rolling & Bowling

Body Bowling (Demonstration Video)
Sink the Ship (Demonstration Video)
Volleyball Serving Drill with Partner (Demonstration Video)
Rockets and Satellites (Demonstration Video)
K-2nd Grade Catching Partner Drill (Demonstration Video)
Trick or Treat Relay (Video 1 and Video 2 Counting Cards)

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